Real Estate Industry Trends - Favourite Homes
19 March 2019
Real Estate Industry Trends
In India, the real estate industry holds a lot of significance as it’s the second-largest employer of manpower – with the agriculture sector being the first. This sector comprises of four divisions – residential, commercial, hospitality and retail. It...
Eco-friendly Building Materials - Favourite Homes
12 March 2019
Eco-friendly Building Materials
With advancements and improvements in building materials, the construction industry has been forging ahead at rapid speeds. However, it is time to pause and think about the effect of this construction boom on the environment. This is due to...
Energy Saving Bulbs - Favourite Homes
5 March 2019
Energy Saving Bulbs
The era of the traditional incandescent bulbs is drawing to a close thankfully. With emerging technology, we now have energy saving bulbs like the CFL (compact fluorescent lights) and LED (light emitting diode) to replace them. The traditional filament-burning...
What is Home Security Systems - Favourite Homes
25 February 2019
What are Home Security Systems?
Wanting the best security for the home and family is a given with most people. And with the adults spending increasingly longer periods of time away at work, the safety of their homes and family members becomes a crucial...
Green Building Concept - Favourite Homes
18 February 2019
What is Green Building Concepts?
Growth and development have made a large negative impact on our natural environment. The buildings we create use up a lot of these natural resources in their construction and operation. And this is why the concept of green buildings...
Childproofing Checklist - Favourite Homes
11 February 2019
How to Baby-Proof Your House
The birth of a baby into the family is a major event, a complete game-changer. The entire household shifts gears and starts to revolve around the newest entrant in their lives. However, baby’s aren’t just the cutest things alive,...
Plants That Clean The Air - Favourite Homes
4 February 2019
Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification
You maintain hygiene, cleanliness and neatness in your home, yet there is this oppressive feeling of stagnation that could result in headaches, nausea, and ear, eye or nose irritation. Commonly referred to as ‘sick building syndrome’, it is due...
What is RERA - Favourite Homes
28 January 2019
What is RERA?
The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016 was passed by the Indian parliament to protect the interests of homebuyers as well as boost investment into the realty sector. It is expected to bring clarity, transparency, accountability and...
Traditional House Designs - Favourite Homes
21 January 2019
What are Traditional House Designs?
Traditional home designs don’t fit into any specific style or era. They come with quaint and charming features that are eternal in their outlook. But modern-day home designers are clever including contemporary amenities and conveniences of the future into...
Investing in Property vs Jewellery or Stock - Favourite Homes
14 January 2019
Investing in Property vs Jewellery or Stock
When your bank balance piles up and you have a neat little nest egg looking you in the face, you wonder whether keeping it in the bank is really worth it or if you should invest it somewhere more...
Room Painting Ideas - Favourite Homes
7 January 2019
Colours to be used in Different Rooms
The first thing to impact a person’s mind when entering a home is the colour; the décor, furnishings and finishing get noticed after a while only. The colours we choose to surround ourselves with are an extension of our...
Positive Energy Items for Home - Favourite Homes
26 December 2018
Ways to Introduce Positive Energy into Your Home
The home is your comfort zone, the place where you feel safe and secure, the place where you can let yourself go and be who you are. It’s also the place where you nourish relationships and build memories, where...
Demand for Apartments - Favourite Homes
17 December 2018
Increasing demand for Luxury Apartments in Kerala
With increasing globalization and the world becoming a village where everyone has knowledge of other cultures, luxury is fast becoming something on the common side. More and more people are getting attracted to luxurious lifestyles, with the housing sector...
Prayer Room Ideas for Home - Favourite Homes
10 December 2018
Best Prayer Room Ideas for Home
Everyone derives peace and tranquillity from their spiritual closeness to their god, whatever their religion is. And when it comes time to set up your own home, most people prefer including a small area meant exclusively for praying and...
Villas vs Apartments vs Villaments - Favourite Homes
3 December 2018
Villas vs. Apartments vs. Villaments
Be it an apartment, villa, villament or a stand-alone house, at the end of the day, a home is where the heart is, the shape notwithstanding. But before making grand sweeping statements, we need to know exactly what we...
Good Colors for Home - Favourite Homes
26 November 2018
What are some Good Colours for Homes?
When it comes to decorating, choosing the right colour can get a bit daunting. But it also makes all the difference about what a room says about itself. When painting your home, keep the purpose of the room in...
Home Safety Products - Favourite Homes
19 November 2018
Home Safety Products
The world is full of potential dangers and hazards with accidents happening daily. But that’s not to say that numerous accidents are avoided daily too. While many would like to believe that everything is always going to be perfect...
Traditional Home Décor - Favourite Homes
12 November 2018
Traditional Home Decor Ideas
While it’s true that traditional home designs never go out of fashion, keeping such homes decorated with just the right kind of themes and décor can become challenging. After all, you want your home to be functional too, aside...
Lucky Indoor Plants - Favourite Homes
7 November 2018
Plants that are Lucky for Homes
Everyone is looking for a little bit of extra luck, health, wealth and prosperity in their lives and as luck would have it, there are some very convenient and beautiful ways you can achieve this. Who would have believed...
Bedroom Colour Ideas - Favourite Homes
22 October 2018
What are Some Positive Colors for Bedrooms?
The bedroom is your retreat, your personal space where you can rest and relax in your own little piece of heaven. This is all the more reason why you should choose the colours of your bedroom with care. You...
Home Design Ideas - Favourite Homes
8 October 2018
Useful Home Interiors Ideas
Interior designing is a science as well as an art that deals with creating functional spaces within a building. These functional spaces are both fashionable as well as decorative creations within the home.
How to Live a Happy Life - Favourite Homes
1 October 2018
How to Live a Happy Life?
The whole purpose of human existence is to live a happy life. Happiness isn’t always easy to get and often eludes many. It’s something that is measured in different ways by different people. Some people mistake happiness for a...