How to Choose a Good Builder

How to Choose a Good Builder
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On the road to buying a new home, you will need to shop around for a good builder before shopping for the right home. The kind of home notwithstanding being it a stand-alone, a villa or an apartment, the ethics and credibility of the builder make all the difference between landing a good deal or cribbing and complaining for years to come! Buying a home is expensive business and you want to be sure you are getting what you are paying for; you just can’t afford to settle for less-than-the-right-fit when it comes to shopping for a home.

To come close to making this important decision, here are some tips on choosing the right kind of builder:

Quality First:

Your own home isn’t a temporary home, but one that you will live in for many years. It’s where you will create wonderful memories of your children and grandchildren as they laugh and run down the hallways. You need it to have a solid foundation with a good structural system that doesn’t require too many repairs during the first decade of its life.
When selecting a builder, do take the time out to look at some of the other projects he has been involved in. Enquire in-depth about the kind of materials he uses right from the counter-top down to the framework. Focusing on quality from the ground level up will ensure you have a strong home.


Since a number of factors are involved in choosing a home, starting from its location, finalizing a builder can get a little tricky. Do your homework properly; research offline and online and browse through builder portfolios. The opinions of friends and family should also be considered before visiting the short-listed builders.


Don’t be shy to ask about all your doubts and queries. You are investing a lot of money – go in fully prepared and leave no loopholes to chances. Ideally, a good builder should encourage you to ask more questions and clear all doubts.


In any transaction, transparency is of utmost importance. Big brand builders follow standard practices and give you a timeline along with a comprehensive breakdown of the building schedule and the payment schedule (if it’s an under-construction project). They will tell you upfront about their building philosophy, the materials they use and the banks backing their projects.


Being in sync with the builder is important as he needs to translate your goals and visions of your dream home into a reality. Proper communication channels will prevent headaches later on.

Following these tips should hopefully get you a decent builder.