New Trends in Sanitary Ware

New Trends in Sanitary Ware
New Trends in Sanitary Ware | Luxury Villas in Trivandrum | Favourite Homes

Though the humble bathroom was relegated as an unimportant space during interior decoration, it’s one of the most important rooms in the house, providing relaxation and comfort like no other. And this is probably why interior designers and architects are now placing more emphasis on what goes into this room.

Indians are now using bathrooms as a way to showcase their wealth and prestige. Bathrooms now are no longer just functional rooms but stylish too. Coming in contemporary designs and environmental-friendly, these technologically advanced products make style statements. The latest trends for sanitary ware and bathroom fixtures are now going towards minimalistic designs and styled with slim edges. The simplicity and versatility of the current designs are encouraging people to incorporate them into their homes and demands are only going up.

So much so, that the sanitary ware industry in India is experiencing a growth of 12-15% CAGR, especially as people now have higher disposable incomes. This increase in the average household income levels has led to a shift in lifestyles and people becoming more discerning and opting for high-end premium products.

People are now shifting from traditional closets to trendy wall-mounted European closets and from pedestal basins to slim-edged over-the-counter basins, which are more contemporary in design. The shift in trends is also because they are easier to maintain, use less water, with the current slim rim designs being more space-efficient- aside from being more stylish too.

Improving sanitation, increased spending on hygiene, changing lifestyles and a more organized real estate sector is boosting preferences for lifestyle products like private spas, exotic shower systems, saunas and larger baths.

Not just furniture, but sanitary ware designs are also coming in minimalistic clean designs with simple clean lines that create a serene feeling. These minimalistic designs are eye-catching, but never vulgar. The trending designs are now for products like washbasins and toilets that don’t look bulky and take up minimal space. This makes them ideal for smaller homes too.

The colour of these products usually adds an element of surprise to an otherwise neutral bathroom. You can have a teal coloured basin with a cream coloured bathroom, not too ostentatious, yet adding a dash of stylish colour. The trend is to invest in a few simple looking but expensive and high-quality sanitary ware products. Less is more is the current mantra as far as bathrooms go.

Hope this gives you an idea of the reigning trends in sanitary wares when you are shopping for your bathroom!