Bedroom Plants that Help You Sleep Better

Bedroom Plants that Help You Sleep Better
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There is nothing more peaceful than being amidst nature and nothing worse than tossing and turning in bed while the night whiles away! These sleepless nights with just the ticking alarm clock for a company can take a toll on your overall health as well as mood and energy output.

Why not ensure better sleep for yourself and make restless nights a thing of the past. You can do this by filling your home with beautiful greenery, especially in the bedrooms. Some of these indoor plants have amazing purifying effects aside from introducing a calming and relaxing element into your bedroom.

Studies have shown that some plants have a positive effect on reducing stress and anxiety, promoting sleep. And what’s more, NASA has shown that many indoor plants even purify the air while you sleep. Here are some of these important indoor plants:


Touted to be as good as any sleeping pill, it is the best solution anxiety-ridden insomniacs have been looking for! With glossy evergreen leaves and fragrant flowers, this plant is a little tricky to maintain though. They need a bright room, but not direct sunlight.


This exotic tropical plant has scented blooms that are so soothing and calming, you won’t need anything else to get you a good night’s sleep. Since its not a very fussy plant, there are no downsides to adding it to your boudoir!


The well-loved smell of lavender has been found to lower heart rates, blood pressure as well as stress levels. It’s even known to calm down babies! While many lavender products are available in the market, why not go for the plant itself for a cost-effective anxiety-buster of your own.

Snake Plant:

Popularly known as mother-in-law’s tongue, this common plant is very easy to grow and emits oxygen at night while taking in carbon dioxide. This purifying quality makes it an excellent bedtime choice!

Spider plant:

NASA has declared this attractive plant an excellent air-purifier that can get rid of common cancer-causing chemicals from household products. No harm in having a couple around!

English Ivy:

Studies have shown that this pretty trailing plant improves allergy and asthma symptoms. It also looks lovely in a hanging basket, improving the aesthetics of your room while getting rid of air-borne bacteria and fungi.

Golden Pothos:

Also known as money plants, the glossy heart-shaped leaves have an exceptional air-purifying effect according to NASA. Very easy to grow, they are also great sleep-inducers!

Aside from these, plants like aloe vera, peace lily, valerian, bamboo palms, and gerbera daisies are also great in the bedroom!