What are the Latest Interior Design Trends?

What are the Latest Interior Design Trends?
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Latest design trends don’t necessarily have to refer to clothing and accessories. They can be used in numerous other contexts too, including interior decoration. Just the way the latest designs are meant to enhance the appearance of the wearer, similarly, the latest trends in interiors are meant to enhance the looks of the home.

The way fashions change for apparels, similarly for interior designs also, trends change with the years. It could be maximalist appearances that are the rage for one year and change to minimalistic the next year. Changes in interior designing, as with apparels and accessories should also appeal to the people who live in the house – after all, they are the ones who have to deal with it every day.

The field of interior designing developed in response to greater demand from the discerning members of society. This field isn’t just a no-brainer speciality dealing with colours and textures; rather, these specialists work along with the architects and engineers to get the right acoustics, lighting, movement of air, correct placement of doors and windows, etc. They provide inputs on the correct positioning of various features for maximal benefits. For example, with a little help from an interior designer, a 1BHK apartment can be made to look pretty spacious with the correct use of wall colours, lighting and placements of furniture and size and design.

In fact, most big brand builders have their own in-house interior decorators to offer their expertise and knowledge into the increasingly-popular vertical homes arena. An interior designer’s input enhances an architectural design….it’s like adding the spice into a curry, enhancing its flavour!

While trends keep changing subtly every year, one trick to play it safe would be to go minimalistic. These refer to calming tonal interiors that offer layers of different shades of the same colour. The tone-on-tone look is very sophisticated, offering a lot of self-control and is always in fashion. They offer colours that speak to each other, offering subtlety and layered textures. This trend is expected to remain as the mainstream this year also.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, maximalist interiors will also be the flavour of the year for some with hybridized finishes, especially like those seen in restaurants and the hospitality industry, infiltrating homes. Fabrics such as velvets and silhouettes will gain popularity this year. Bronze and the rich reds and oranges of earthy shades are also touted to be trending this year. All this will result from people looking for extra comfort and reassurance in an increasingly ecologically and politically turbulent world.