How to Baby-Proof Your House

Childproofing Checklist - Favourite Homes

The birth of a baby into the family is a major event, a complete game-changer. The entire household shifts gears and starts to revolve around the newest entrant in their lives. However, baby’s aren’t just the cutest things alive, but also very curious! They are bound to start nosing around in every accessible corner once they gain the ability to crawl or toddle around.

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Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification

Plants That Clean The Air - Favourite Homes

You maintain hygiene, cleanliness and neatness in your home, yet there is this oppressive feeling of stagnation that could result in headaches, nausea, and ear, eye or nose irritation. Commonly referred to as ‘sick building syndrome’, it is due to the presence of air contaminants and poor ventilation. Luckily, NASA has found a beautiful solution to this problem – houseplants!

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What is RERA?

What is RERA - Favourite Homes

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016 was passed by the Indian parliament to protect the interests of homebuyers as well as boost investment into the realty sector. It is expected to bring clarity, transparency, accountability and fair practices into the real estate industry so that consumers aren’t taken for a ride by errant builders and due penalties can be imposed on them for malpractices and late deliveries.

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What are Traditional House Designs?

Traditional House Designs - Favourite Homes

Traditional home designs don’t fit into any specific style or era. They come with quaint and charming features that are eternal in their outlook. But modern-day home designers are clever including contemporary amenities and conveniences of the future into these traditional designs; this way traditional houses offer modern conveniences as well as old-world charm.

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Investing in Property vs Jewellery or Stock

Investing in Property vs Jewellery or Stock - Favourite Homes

When your bank balance piles up and you have a neat little nest egg looking you in the face, you wonder whether keeping it in the bank is really worth it or if you should invest it somewhere more lucrative. The three options that come to mind are the traditional investment choice of real estate (which every relative will endorse!), the high-profile gambling with the stock market or your wife’s favourite word – jewellery. A conventional Indian investor usually has jewellery and real estate in his investment portfolio. However, with every investor having his own appetite for risk, you need to know the nitty-gritty of investments before playing around with your hard-earned money.

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Colours to be used in Different Rooms

Room Painting Ideas - Favourite Homes

The first thing to impact a person’s mind when entering a home is the colour; the décor, furnishings and finishing get noticed after a while only. The colours we choose to surround ourselves with are an extension of our personality; though you may not realize it, they influence our moods and thoughts, right from our first waking moments. They affect us variously, depending on our age, gender, ethnic background and the prevailing climate. The various parts of our lives impacted include emotional, intellectual, intuitive, and materialistic.
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Increasing demand for Luxury Apartments in Kerala

Demand for Apartments - Favourite Homes

With increasing globalization and the world becoming a village where everyone has knowledge of other cultures, luxury is fast becoming something on the common side. More and more people are getting attracted to luxurious lifestyles, with the housing sector being no exception. There are over 245,000 lakh millionaires in India, and this is indicative of the general population’s inclinations.

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Best Prayer Room Ideas for Home

Prayer Room Ideas for Home - Favourite Homes

Everyone derives peace and tranquillity from their spiritual closeness to their god, whatever their religion is. And when it comes time to set up your own home, most people prefer including a small area meant exclusively for praying and meditation. This area becomes the most sacred part of the home and special attention is given to its designing. It can be in the form of a small room, an alcove in the wall or a partitioned area of a room dedicated to praying.

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