home decor ideas - favourite homes
23 February 2022
Top 5 Design Essentials for Your Apartment
When you finally receive the keys to your new home, it’s a euphoric feeling, a fulfilment of a lifetime’s aspiration. The pride of ownership that you feel when you look at your beautiful home will give you a warm,...
buying flats for investment - favourite homes
23 February 2022
Benefits of Investing in an Apartment at a Younger Age
Only till recently, most people dabbled with real estate investments in their 40s and 50s. However, times are changing now and people are opting to invest in property at an increasingly younger age. The more exposed millennial are buying...
storage ideas for home - favourite homes
21 January 2022
Tips to Increase Storage Space in Your Apartment
Apartments make great living spaces and come with a number of advantages. However, one drawback to apartment living is the paucity of storage spaces, resulting in cluttering up of precious space. Here is a look at some imaginative use...
winter tips for home - favourite homes
21 January 2022
How to Make Your Home Winter Ready?
Before the cool weather sets in, it’s time to air out your woolens and prepare for the winter. Aside from yourself, you need to get your home ready too for the winter months ahead. Here are some simple tasks...
luxury villa projects - favourite homes
20 January 2022
Advantages of Staying in a Luxury Villa
Living in a villa is the ultimate dream of every aspiring homebuyer. Villas are iconic homes that come with so many advantages; they are known for the luxurious lifestyles they provide aside from their prestigious addresses. Though the price...
workplace near home - favourite homes
20 January 2022
Advantages of Living Near Your Office
For many people working in urban centers today, getting to the workplace is a daily chore and one of the worst aspects of their work-life. Not only does it spoil the day, daily office commutes longer than 10km also...
2 bhk apartments in trivandrum - favourite homes
20 December 2021
Why Should You Invest in a 2 BHK Apartment?
Most prospective homebuyers tend to focus on location, budget and builder when selecting a property and end up overlooking the size of the home – that is the BHK type. This refers to the number of bedrooms in the...
apartments in trivandrum - favourite homes
20 December 2021
How to Increase the Property Value of Your Apartment?
Some of the best ways to enhance your lifestyle and the value of your apartment include re-modelling of the kitchen and bathrooms. These are heavy-hitting renovations however and not ideal for those on a tight budget or having time...
luxury villas in trivandrum - favourite homes
20 December 2021
How to Choose a Luxury Villa?
A greater number of people are aspiring to buy villa homes, facilitated further by increasingly disposable incomes, ease of getting home loans as well as greater awareness of luxury living. There are a number of features that make a...
sound proof room
20 December 2021
5 Smart Ways to Sound-Proof Your Room
There are no two ways about it. A good night’s sleep is essential for everyone to function normally. Whether you live in a high-rise city apartment or a sprawling suburban villa, there is always the chance for noise disturbances...
improve indoor air quality - favourite homes
18 November 2021
How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home?
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to more people spending greater amounts of time indoors than ever before. While this has successfully led to controlling the spread of the virus, the indoor air is not so safe either. This means...
buy property in trivandrum - apartments in trivandrum
25 October 2021
Top Reasons for Property Investment in Trivandrum
Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala and has been witnessing growth in every sector over the past few years. With the city expanding both vertically and horizontally, it is becoming a growing hotbed for property investments too. There...
stay fit indoors - favourite homes
25 October 2021
5 Ways to Stay Fit Indoors During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of changes in lifestyles with staying home and practicing social distancing having become the new norm. While staying home controls spread of infection, it has also led to limited opportunities for...
kitchen hacks for cleaning - favourite homes
25 October 2021
Best Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks
Keeping your kitchen sparkling clean and neat can get challenging, considering that it’s in use daily for preparing meals. Spills, splatters and dirty dishes are chores you get to deal with on a daily basis. And if that’s not...
buy a flat
27 September 2021
Tips for Buying a Home Online During the Lockdown
In keeping with the new regulations associated with social distancing in this COVID era, real estate developers are increasingly employing digital tools to sell residential spaces. This has reportedly simplified the process of home buying which has also been...
covid-19 precautions in apartments - favourite homes
16 August 2021
Managing COVID-19 Precautions in Apartment Complexes
Multi-family housing, such as that seen in apartment complexes, poses a unique challenge when it comes to managing the risk potential for infection during this pandemic. In such a situation, the resident welfare association of the gated community can...