Ways in which a New Home can Influence the Future of Your Children

Ways in which a New Home can Influence the Future of Your Children
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There is no dearth of research on the effects of a child’s environment on his/her development during the crucial early years of life. And the conclusion is that children from low-income homes and neighbourhoods tend to perform poorly in academics, have lower self-esteem and are more likely to abuse drugs.

Since children are like the proverbial sponge which absorbs anything in its immediate surroundings, it is important to provide them with the right kind of home to grow up in, as well as a neighbourhood that will have a positive impact on their well-being. Parents need to accept the fact that their kids’ minds are like machines that are constantly monitoring and assimilating all that they see and hear. All this boils down to parents needing to be very careful in what they expose their kids to.

When moving to a new home, you are providing your children with a fresh slate, a new beginning, a chance to make new friends – and all this is aside from the excitement and pride and confidence that come with moving into a new home of their own. You will need to ensure that your home is in a good environment with neighbours who fall into the same financial category as yourself and hold values similar to yours.

The current trend among homebuyers is to go for gated community living – whether it’s for apartments or villas. Community living provides your children with opportunities to mingle with neighbouring kids and have a decent social life as well as an appropriate physical environment – one that you would approve of. Here your children will learn to create long-term relationships with their neighbouring friends and relearn the meaning of security. Most probably your kids will be going to the same schools too and participate in similar extracurricular activities.  Such kids would also do well in school and be more self-confident in their attitude; this automatically means they are less likely to get into depression or drug abuse.

Buying a home in a gated community where people of the same socio-economic background live means that your children get to mix with people of similar standing. And they get to grow up safely roaming within the precincts of the campus without you worrying. Such kids are also less likely to become dependent on handheld gadgets and get out more and join in outdoor activities.

So buying a home in a gated community is one of the best gifts you could ever provide your children.