Veli Lake

Veli Lake
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There is something about the beauty of natural water that enraptures most people. To some, it is deeply inspiring and they can sit and stare into its depths, weaving poetry in the depths of their minds while to others, it means sporting activities and fun; then there are those who see water as a source of family picnics, fun and frolic.

And if you happen to be visiting the huge Veli Lake nestled along the coast in the capital city of Trivandrum, you are in for some touristy fun too. This charming lake is located 10km away from the city and is definitely a must-see destination for all those who love nature. At one end it is linked to the scenic Akkulam Lake and at the other end, it mingles with the Arabian Sea. But this only happens during the peak monsoon season when a naturally existing sandbar that separates the lake from the ocean is manually broken to control flood waters. For the rest of the year, the natural sandbar is allowed to separate the ocean from Veli Lake.

The lake has been surrounded by a paved footpath which offers the visitor a leisurely walk along its dappled deep waters with overhanging greenery on both sides. The walkway is over a kilometre long and connects to the Parvathi Puthanar canal close to the NH47 over-bridge. The walkway continues on the other side of the bridge around the Akkulam Lake.

At the point where the lake meets the ocean, a sprawling tourist destination known as the Veli Tourist Village has been created and contains numerous features to suit all age groups. You will find an enchanting meandering garden with sculptures, swings and a small swimming pool along with a large fish pond with overhanging flowering trees and the huge trademark half-submerged conch in its centre.

A variety of boats are among the attractions available for those who want to view the lake along its length. A floating bridge connects this garden to the beach side of the tourist village where there are two fun parks, lots of space for horse riding and games. You can even enjoy fresh coconut water sitting on the sandy beach as you gaze out over the enticing lake waters. A floating open restaurant nearby is another unique feature where you can recharge your energy while enjoying the amazing views sunset from all sides.

However, you need a full day to really enjoy the full essence of this lake and all it has to offer the visitor.

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