8 August 2022
Top Residential Localities to Invest in Trivandrum
There is something about Trivandrum city that attracts both NRIs and local residents alike to come invest in homes here. Aside from its rich history and cultural heritage, Trivandrum is also a rapidly-expanding city owing in part to the...
8 August 2022
Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for Your Home
It’s time to go minimalist if you are tired of the visual clutter lying around the house. However, going minimalist cannot be achieved overnight and will need to be done in a step-wise manner as you work through one...
home loan interest rates - apartments in trivandrum - favourite homes
14 July 2022
Tips to Reduce Your Home Loan Interest Rate
Buying a home is an amazing feat, something which every one aspires for. However, due to the steep cost, most people end up using a home loan to pay for a larger part of the price. Home loans come...
apartments in mannanthala - favourite homes
14 July 2022
Neighborhood Spotlight: Mannanthala
Trivandrum city has held a unique place in history going back to around 1000 AD. It’s also been a capital city right from 1795 AD when it was the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore. Post-independence, the city...
living room ideas - apartments in trivandrum - favourite homes
23 June 2022
Latest Trends in Living Room Designs
The COVID-19 pandemic saw most people staying home and trying to carry on their daily lives as best they could. This meant that work had to be carried out from home along with kid’s education, household shopping, entertainment and...
monsoon decor ideas - flats in trivandrum - favourite homes
23 June 2022
Home Decor Tips for the Monsoon Season
Though the monsoon season means different things to different people, it’s definitely a time of rejuvenation, a time when the world becomes sparkly clean and vibrant green again. Since more time is spent indoors during the rainy days, it’s...