Smart Home Technology for your Home

Smart Devices for Home

SMART home technology stands for Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology and became commercially available from between 1998 and the early 2000s’. A smart home uses technology to make life more convenient, comfortable, secure and energy-efficient for the homeowner. It uses devices that are hooked up to the internet to automate and monitor systems present in and around the house.

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Types of Roof Insulation

Types of Roof Insulation

You often hear about roof insulation to prevent wastage of energy spent in warming up the house. But times are changing and people are now worried about insulating their roofs to prevent seepage of heat into their home’s interiors. When it comes to the top floor of a villa or the last floor of an apartment building, the blazing sun leaves its searing mark on the flat roof surface as it faces maximum heat.

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Should You Buy a Villa or an Apartment?

Should You Buy a Villa or an Apartment?

Taking the plunge to buy a home is a very expensive one and you can’t afford to go in unprepared. You have to make a list of the things you need in your home including the number of bedrooms, the size of the house, its location as well as the kind of finance you can afford for it. And aside from all this, you also have to decide on the kind of home that you want – an independent stand-alone home, a villa, a villament or an apartment.

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Kowdiar Palace History

Kowdiar Palace History

Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, has been associated with the royalty for many centuries. The late Maharaja Marthanda Varma (1729-1758) of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore was instrumental in making Trivandrum as its capital since 1745 AD. The royalty was very interested in promoting literary and performing arts and have left a legacy of many fascinating architectural gems that add to Trivandrum’s cultural heritage.

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Comparison Between Buying a Villa and Building a House

Comparison between Buying a Villa and Building a House

Investing in a home is usually the biggest expense of a lifetime for most people; this also means it shouldn’t be taken lightly and every aspect of home buying should be considered in-depth. If you were given the option of buying a ready-made villa versus building a home of your own choice, reaching an answer can sure put your mind into a tizzy!

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Buying a Villa – Choosing Between ‘Ready-To-Move-In’ and ‘Under- Construction’ Options

Buying a Villa - Choosing Between ‘Ready-To-Move-In’ and ‘Under- Construction’ Options

After the triple whammy that the real estate sector underwent in the last one year, the effects of GST, Demonetization and the introduction of RERA did their share of creating confusion in this industry and slowing down sales. Investors went into the ‘wait-and-watch’ mode while they kept a critical eye on the evolving economical changes.

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Reasons Why You Should Invest in Villa Projects

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Villa Projects

When people think of buying homes, the instant image in their mind is usually of an independent home with a garden to potter around in, space for children to play and for pets to have free reign. However, not all can invest in one, but for those who can, nothing could be better than villa homes. Apart from the luxury factor, here are several reasons why you should invest in villa projects:

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