What are Some Positive Colors for Bedrooms?

What are Some Positive Colors for Bedrooms?
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The bedroom is your retreat, your personal space where you can rest and relax in your own little piece of heaven. This is all the more reason why you should choose the colours of your bedroom with care. You want to wake up in the morning to a room that makes you feel refreshed and adds positive vibes to your mood.

At the same time, after a long day away from home, you want to finally retire to a room which ensconces you in its soft embrace….a room that invites you for a restful sleep. To create an embracing atmosphere, choose your décor with care when decorating your home. Most people go for soft shades of blue, blue-grey, greens and lavender – as they are very restful and add tranquillity to a room. They are also known to reduce stress and anxiety, aside from making the room look larger. At the same time, darker colours also have a great effect; dark blues and deep purples look great when combined with dual, contrasting shades.

When choosing colours for your bedroom, don’t go with what’s trending or what your interior decorator suggests. Your bedroom is your own personal space and you should get to choose the colours that you love and get positive energy from. Going with a neutral palette is a good idea as you can then add pop-ups with your bed linen, pillows or other accessories.

If your bedroom has an attached bathroom, then you can incorporate an accent colour from your bedroom to create a complementary colour scheme. Pale hues of green are the best for bedrooms as they instil feelings of serenity and contentment. Depending on the tint, you can make the room look modern, traditional or eclectic.

Shades of blue or blue-grey are natural for bedrooms; they introduce positive, soothing and relaxing vibes, without becoming boring. While just plain light blue might seem appropriate for the kid’s rooms, adding a dab of grey into your blue will give it interesting misty overtones. You can add deeper overtones of the same colour to introduce areas of interest to the room too. Addition of white accessories or furniture will further add to the element of positivity, calmness and airiness.

Lavender might make you think of your teenager’s purple pursuits, but a muted lavender shade is so elegant, it positively melts the stress off you as you sink into the soft charms of this cool colour. Try pairing it with silver and your room will literally sing out in positivity!