The Importance of having a Green Area at Home

The Importance of having a Green Area at Home
Importance of having a Green Area at Home - Favourite Homes

Humans and nature are infinitely intertwined together. While nature can do without man, man needs nature for his survival. There is something about greenery that is so rejuvenating to the senses and soul that it can almost be termed as soul food. You feel better instantly when amongst the greenery.

City life can make the urban dweller feel jaded after a while, with something within screaming for an outlet. Lush green vegetation, rolling lawns, a walk in the city park or along a forest trail are all known to bring peace and serenity to this mind. Even puttering around in your backyard or in a balcony garden can be relieving to the soul. It’s essential you have a green area of your own at home and here are a few benefits of having them:

  • Unknown to many people, plants have an amazing filtering mechanism and with the increasing pollution, there is a lot of benefit to having them growing nearby. Numerous toxic pollutants present in household cleaners, sprays, and exhaust fumes are constantly being filtered out of the air within your environment by these hard-working plants.
  • Aside from that, they provide us with reviving oxygen and provide much-needed shade and lowering of temperatures in this era of global warming.
  • Greenery, in general, makes a great stress-buster. It’s no secret that a trip to the park or a stroll in the garden is associated with healthier cortisol levels. For those living in apartments, spending time in a balcony garden is equally helpful in reducing feelings of stress.
  • Irregular blood pressure is also related to stress, so spending time in green spaces is a great way of calming down and letting your senses revived.
  • Regular exposure to green spaces increases productivity as it restores your voluntary attention, helping you focus better on your work. Sometimes, even gazing at a picture of nature can create the same effect!
  • Green spaces also improve mental health. Exposure to greenery consistently lowers levels of anxiety, depression, and stress in adults as well as children. Such people also live longer and healthier lives.
  • Living in close proximity to green spaces is also known to improve the quality of sleep. Whether it’s due to indoor plants or outdoor green vegetation, urban dwellers are found to sleep better with green spaces nearby.

What’s more, most big brand builders, are also aware of the importance of green spaces and accordingly provide gardens and lawns in most of their projects. They also provide large balconies where people can grow their own patch of rejuvenating greenery.