Terms and Conditions

  1. Favourite Constructions Pvt Ltd reserves the right to accept or reject any application for allotment.
  2. On allotment, agreement shall be entered into between the promoter & the allottee as per the format approved by K-RERA.
  3. In case of apartments, the sale deed of the undivided share of land shall be registered in the name of the purchaser on receipt of the entire payment. And in case of villas, the plot and the villa are together sold as a composite unit and conveyance of the same shall be on completion of the project subject to the receipt of the entire payment.
  4. This is a time bound project. In case payments are not made as per agreement executed, the promoter reserves the right to cancel the allotment and refund the amount by deducting the booking advance as mentioned in the agreement and the interest liability if any.   
  5. Once allotted and the agreements are signed the prices are firm.
  6. All payments to be made by bank transfers, local cheques or DD favouring Favourite Constructions Pvt Ltd, payable at Trivandrum.  
  7. The buyer/allottee shall compulsorily be a member of the association of allottees formed by the promoter as mandated under the RERA Act 2016 and rules thereunder. The Association of allottees shall carry out all necessary routine and annual maintenance and repairs to the common areas, exterior wall of the building, common installations and fittings and shall make payment of water and electrical charges for common facilities, services etc. Maintenance charges / deposits are to be made by each allottee/owner regularly and on time. The maintenance shall be carried out by the promoter till the completion of 3 months from the date of occupancy certificate. Maintenance charge/advance is collected from all the allottees by the promoter and shall be appropriated against the expenses incurred by the promoter during the maintenance period aforesaid.  
  8. All transactions / litigations are subject to Trivandrum Jurisdiction only. The details stated here are only for information and do not constitute a legal document.
  9. All notices and letters sent by the registered post to the allottee’s address as mentioned in the agreement or to the allottee’s Email ID as mentioned in the agreement shall be considered  as having been received by the allottee and will be treated as proper communication.
  10. All measurements and specifications given here are subject to minor variations. Furniture layout is only an indication for space utilization. Visuals and photographs may not represent actuals or may be indicative only. Computer generated images, walkthroughs and rendered images are artist’s impression only. The super built-up area is inclusive of proportionate share of common areas and wall thickness. The elevation shown here is artist’s expression only and the actual may vary according to the practical site conditions and do not form part of the offering. If any changes are warranted due to statutory or commercial requirements, they shall not be objected by the allottees as envisaged in the agreement.          

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Cancellation/refund shall be as per the K-RERA guidelines.

Booking Policy

  1. You are required to pay 10 % of the total cost of the apartment / villa as booking amount by DD / Cheque favouring Favourite Constructions Pvt LTD, payable at Trivandrum or by NEFT/RTGS to the company’s bank account at the time of booking. The booking will be effective only after our confirmation of the same after the amount is credited to the company’s account.
  2. We reserve the right to accept or reject any booking request. If your request is acceptable to us we will send you an intimation of acceptance to book the apartment in your name along with a format of Application for booking of apartment containing total price and Schedule of Payment etc. In such a situation we will book the apartment / villa in your name. If your booking request is not acceptable to us, we will inform you the same at the earliest and return the amount paid by you without any deductions or interest.
  3. On receipt of our intimation of acceptance you are required to submit the carefully filled Application & other documents for booking along with required booking advance amount towards booking. If you fail to remit the required advance amount within the commitment period, your booking will stand automatically cancelled. In such a situation we will refund the above said booking amount remitted by you for the apartment / villa without any deductions. You will not be eligible to get any interest for this amount.
  4. On receipt of Application for booking and required advance towards consideration, we will issue you the Letter of Allotment of apartment/villa. Along with this, we will forward you the draft of the Sale Agreement that contains all details of our transaction.
  5. Registration charges and incidental expenses for sale agreement / sale deed registration of the undivided share of land / apartment, plot and villa shall be borne by the allottee.  
  6. You are liable to make the entire balance payment of consideration strictly as per the schedule of payment attached to the sale agreement.
  7. As already stated, booking is only a preliminary stage which reflects your interest to purchase a flat. The contract of sale will take place only at the stage of remittance of the required advance amount and the issuance of a Letter of Allotment of apartment/villa.

Price/ Cost Information
Price/cost details will be provided on request.