Importance of having a Green Area at Home - Favourite Homes
10 September 2018
The Importance of having a Green Area at Home
Humans and nature are infinitely intertwined together. While nature can do without man, man needs nature for his survival. There is something about greenery that is so rejuvenating to the senses and soul that it can almost be termed...
Interior Design Trends - Favourite Homes
24 August 2018
What are the Latest Interior Design Trends?
Latest design trends don’t necessarily have to refer to clothing and accessories. They can be used in numerous other contexts too, including interior decoration. Just the way the latest designs are meant to enhance the appearance of the wearer,...
Modern Home Plans - Favourite Homes
22 August 2018
What is Modern Home Plans?
With the passage of time over the centuries, home designing has been evolving. The trends have been changing in accordance with the improvement in technology, mingling of ideas from different nations as well as the availability of building materials.
Home Buying Tips - Favourite Homes
14 August 2018
Things to Know when Buying a Home
Taking the decision to buy your own home is probably going to be the most financially significant purchase you will ever make in your lifetime. While it’s impossible to be too prepared when buying a home, you do need...
Tips For - First Time Home Buyer
7 August 2018
Help for First-Time Home Buyers
Economic growth, as well as the easy availability of home loans and disposable incomes, has load to a boost in investment in the realty sector. But buying a home can be a pretty daunting affair, especially for those who...
Real Estate Investing - Favourite Homes
24 July 2018
How to Invest in Property?
Indians have realized that the real estate sector in the country is one of the strongest in the world. In spite of economic meltdowns, the realty sector in India has always managed to survive and has always been the...
Find a Good Builder - Favourite Homes
17 July 2018
How to Choose a Good Builder
On the road to buying a new home, you will need to shop around for a good builder before shopping for the right home. The kind of home notwithstanding being it a stand-alone, a villa or an apartment, the...
Apartment Buying Tips - Favourite Homes
10 July 2018
How to Choose a Good Apartment
Buying a home is no small feat and requires diligent planning and in-depth research. When buying, don’t fall for just the amenities or the wall paint or the cute balcony and finalize on the apartment pronto. You need to...
Indoor Plants for Bedroom - Favourite Homes
3 July 2018
Bedroom Plants that Help You Sleep Better
There is nothing more peaceful than being amidst nature and nothing worse than tossing and turning in bed while the night whiles away! These sleepless nights with just the ticking alarm clock for a company can take a toll...
26 June 2018
What is LEED Certification?
Climate changes and global warming are very real threats. The earth is slowly running out of natural resources and there is a growing need to conserve whatever natural resources can be saved. This is how non-profit organizations like the...
Veli Lake - Places to See in Trivandrum - Favourite Homes
19 June 2018
Veli Lake
There is something about the beauty of natural water that enraptures most people. To some, it is deeply inspiring and they can sit and stare into its depths, weaving poetry in the depths of their minds while to others,...
Kowdiar Palace Trivandrum - History - Favourite Homes
12 June 2018
History of the Kowdiar Palace
There are numerous palaces and royal homes scattered all over Kerala, with Trivandrum having its fair share too. This city is irrevocably intertwined with the princely state of Travancore, having been its capital during the last few centuries of...
Indoor Plants for Home - Favourite Homes
8 June 2018
Best Indoor House Plants
If you are looking for a decoration for your home that’s aesthetic as well as functional in nature, then think no further than growing your indoor plants. And don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that it’s difficult growing...
Places to Visit in Trivandrum - Favourite Homes
22 May 2018
Tourist Attractions in Trivandrum
Trivandrum, also known as Thiruvananthapuram, this coastal capital city of the southern state of Kerala sprawls over seven scenic green hills. In spite of having served the role of a capital since 1745, the city is still far from...
10 Electrical and Lighting Points to Consider
15 May 2018
10 Electrical and Lighting Points to Consider
Building a home is a complicated business and every day you discover something new about getting your home together. Though some things might seem like minor issues, they have to be given priority as they can’t be put together...
Interior Railings - Latest Trends in Railings | Favourite Homes
3 May 2018
Latest Trends in Railings
Building a home can be challenging, especially as there is an increasingly wider choice of ideas and materials to choose from. And since everyone wants a stylish but functional home that will remain in fashion for many years to...
New Trends in Carpets - Favourite Homes
17 April 2018
New Trends in Carpets
Carpets are floor coverings that typically come in two-layer, an upper layer of soft pile attached to a lower backing. They serve purposes like beautification, comfort as well as insulation from cold floors. Their existence goes back at least...
10 April 2018
What are Ultra-Luxury and Mid-Luxury Projects?
With the Indian real estate sector undergoing a revamp and higher disposable incomes hitting the roof, Indians are developing a taste for homes that are beyond the average man’s reach. They are called luxury homes and come in two...
New Trends in Sanitary Ware | Luxury Villas in Trivandrum | Favourite Homes
27 March 2018
New Trends in Sanitary Ware
Though the humble bathroom was relegated as an unimportant space during interior decoration, it’s one of the most important rooms in the house, providing relaxation and comfort like no other. And this is probably why interior designers and architects...
13 March 2018
GST Rates for Home Buying in Detail
The introduction of GST created its own share of confusion in the real estate sector, leaving homebuyers sitting on the fence, undecided. However, the wait is over now and as the sands of doubt are settling down now, investors...