Plants that are Lucky for Homes

Plants that are Lucky for Homes
Lucky Indoor Plants - Favourite Homes

Everyone is looking for a little bit of extra luck, health, wealth and prosperity in their lives and as luck would have it, there are some very convenient and beautiful ways you can achieve this. Who would have believed that there are some plants that can bring luck to a home, simply by being placed within its interiors?

According to Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art of living, certain indoor plants and trees are auspicious and bring good luck and prosperity into the home. This, of course, is beside the fact that these plants are also pleasing to the eyes and add beauty to your home’s interiors. Some of these luck-yielding plants include:

Lucky bamboo

The innate resilience, strength and ability to multiply rapidly make this plant a symbol of luck and success. It’s best grown in odd numbers, with three stalks meaning happiness, five stalks meaning wealth and seven meaning good health. The plant stalks should be tied with a red ribbon and kept in a vase with a coin at its bottom and a few river stones for support. Place in a shady spot, preferably in the south-east corner or on the counter of your business space, where you can invite more blessings.

Money Tree

The Pachira tree is believed to bring good luck but has to be braided together in three or five numbers to be effective in ushering in luck. The tree should also have five-lobed palmate leaves to be lucky. The five lobes of the leaf represent the five elements according to Feng Shui – water, earth, fire, wood and metal. Grown as a bonsai, they are widely used as lucky ornamental plants in offices and homes.

Jade plant

With its rounded leaves depicting good fortune, the jade plant is the ultimate plant symbol for prosperity. It’s usually grown as a bonsai with its numerous coin-shaped succulent leaves the colour of jadeite. Its often given as a gift to new businesses and placed near the entrance or the southwest corner to usher in luck and prosperity.

Snake plant

Also known as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’, it represents luck since it can absorb off toxins and poisonous gases from the indoor air within your home and improve the family’s health.

Rubber plant

These bendy plants come with thick rounded leaves which represent wealth and abundance of good fortune. They are best placed in the ‘wealth-creating’ area in your home.

There are so many other lucky plants including the peace lily, orchid, English ivy, spider plant, Boston fern, philodendron, etc.