Traditional Home Decor Ideas

Traditional Home Decor Ideas
Traditional Home Décor - Favourite Homes

While it’s true that traditional home designs never go out of fashion, keeping such homes decorated with just the right kind of themes and décor can become challenging. After all, you want your home to be functional too, aside from having the charming look of a traditional home. Here’s how to enjoy the perks of contemporary living in a traditional setting:

Home decors for traditional homes need understated elegance along classic lines. Even the displays and curio items need to be in neutral tones to prevent them from looking flashy and out of place. Wood is important as far as these homes go. Traditional homes are usually adorned with carved wood in every niche possible, especially in Kerala. It all starts with the main door, which shows magnificence in the rich wood used as well as the engravings on it.

The window frames, cabinets, and teapoys also come in richly-colored dark woods that add to the home’s quiet elegance. For those who can afford it, wood paneling on the walls is an excellent idea too. Match the indoor staircase with the same hue of wooden bannisters and railings and your home will become a living piece of art.

With the use of dark shades of wood, the drapes can be used to add a touch of brightness to the room by keeping them in pastel shades. A couple of large gilt-framed mirrors on the walls will also do wonders in enhancing the elegance factor. And when it comes to the soft furnishings, it’s only fair that you go with plush beige or teal shades of sofas with gently curving armrests. Include some throw cushions in shades of ochre or brick red and you get to include some colour too. It also enhances the aura of genteel and understated charm.

As far as wall colours go, soft hues of white and cream with overtones of beige make for a sophisticated combination. These shades are also great for offsetting the rich shades of wooden furnishings and inclusions. A couple of dark green potted houseplants can make all the difference to how a room can look. This is aside from providing a beautifully contrasting splash of colour.

Traditional homes also go well with earthen tones of rugs to hold the woodsy theme together. But if you want to keep things light, you could always go for beige shades that will match with the soft furnishings or the wall colours for greater synchronization. A couple of stone or wooden carvings and your home décor is complete!