What are some Good Colours for Homes?

What are some Good Colours for Homes?
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When it comes to decorating, choosing the right colour can get a bit daunting. But it also makes all the difference about what a room says about itself. When painting your home, keep the purpose of the room in mind and choose colours accordingly. The colour you choose is a reflection of your personality and will affect the moods and thoughts of the people living in it.

According to the field of colour psychology, as well as their shades, affect different people similarly. Interestingly, colours can affect the shape and size of a room too. Light colours make a room look brighter, bigger and airier while darker colours make a room look smaller and cosier.

When choosing colours, do keep in mind that at the end of the day, you have to live with these colours; so go with what suits your personality and gives you happiness. And don’t use more than three colours in a room as more can make the room look cluttered and loud. Here’s a look at some characteristics of colours:


This intense colour pumps up the adrenaline and raises energy levels of the room. It looks great in the dining room as it’s been associated with increased appetites. It’s also thought to stimulate conversation, so good for the living room too.


This is an energizing and uplifting colour that reflects happiness. It’s great for the kitchen and literally any other part of the house. However, too much of yellow can be daunting, so tone it down with different hues.


This colour is believed to induce tranquillity, serenity and looks great in bedrooms and bathrooms. Warm hues of this colour look good in the kitchen and living room areas too. Pastel shades however, can look chilly on the wall so do tone them up with warmer shades.


This is a refreshingly restful colour and ideal for use anywhere in the house. It reduces stress, induces relaxation and great when used in different hues.


A dramatic and sophisticated colour, its use can’t be restricted to a single part of the house. Shades of lilac and lavender look great in the bedroom and kitchen. Multiple hues in the living room increase its elegance too.


A high-octane colour invoking enthusiasm and energy, it’s great for your exercise room.


These include shades of grey, white, black and brown. They never go out of fashion and can be used to liven up or tone down a room’s energy levels.