Which is Easier to Maintain – an Apartment or a Villa?

Which is Easier to Maintain – an Apartment or a Villa?
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While humans started off as living nomadic lives in their nascent days, they are now at the other end of the spectrum, with everyone aspiring to put down roots and have a home to call their own. And it all starts with savings made right from the first job onwards.

As if saving a nest egg wasn’t hard enough, you get to face another hurdle; you now have to choose which type of home to go for. To be fair, the two main choices are apartments and villas both of which offer gated-community living. Choosing between the two may get you scratching your head, but the dilemma doesn’t stop there either. This is because buying a home   isn’t the end of the story as maintenance is also there to think about. Since maintenance is an ongoing factor that only multiplies with the years, you need to go with the type of home that will need minimal maintenance and as hassle-free as possible.

For most people, the cost is the driving factor when it comes to buying a home with many people opting for apartments rather than villas. While thinking they are getting their money’s worth, they don’t realize that they will be paying monthly maintenance charges for the duration of their stay there. After all, manicured lawns and flower beds, clean well-maintained surroundings and functional amenities and facilities all come at a cost too! With this same money or less, you could easily maintain a villa home instead. And you get the bonus of owning a prestigious villa home that is private and away from the crowds and prying eyes. Most luxury apartments come at rates similar to what villas cost, so in the long run, villas work out better financially as far as maintenance goes.

Aside from this, the structure of apartment buildings suffers more over the years, making the independent villas a stronger option that needs less maintenance comparatively. But then with villa homes, the responsibility for maintaining your immediate surroundings and gardens falls on you, and not everyone enjoys getting their hands dirty, so this is a downside for villa-owners too.

In apartments, all maintenance problems are taken care of by the facility caretakers while for villas, the owner has to make the effort to track down plumbers, electricians, etc, by himself.

However, with both apartments and villas having their own equal share of pros and cons as far as maintenance is concerned, the onus is on you to decide which type of home suits your lifestyle best!