Tips for Decorating Your Apartment Balcony

Tips for Decorating Your Apartment Balcony

Balcony is that versatile space in a high-rise apartment building where you can step out for a breath of fresh nature and commune with nature. You can also use it as an extension of your living spaces and decorate the balcony with soft furnishing, rugs and a small table. Or you could turn it into a refreshing garden space, it’s all your choice! For those planning to buy apartments in Trivandrum, here are some interesting ways to decorate your balcony:

Create a Garden

Greenery has a calming effect on everyone, and you can grow a beautiful balcony garden in multiple ways. You can create a vertical green wall with tiny planters, or use hanging pots with trailing plants for those with small balconies. You could also get some railing boxes and grow flowers without using up your balcony floor space!

Add a New Flooring

Create a cosy balcony space by adding new flooring of your choice. You could go for faux grass to complement your balcony garden theme or you could add a low-maintenance outdoor rug that amps up the oomph level of your balcony!

A Lounging Space

Sipping your morning cuppa while reading the paper and enjoying the morning breeze is something everyone dreams of. You too can enjoy this on your balcony by decorating with comfortable outdoor chairs, along with a small side table and some brightly-coloured throw pillows. You can also make the balcony an extension of your living room!

Light It Up

Hanging out on the balcony in the evenings, watching the sea of twinkling lights can be very peaceful. Amp up the feeling by decorating your balcony with strings of fairy lights or hanging lights to add to the emotion of peace. And if there are no electrical outlets, get solar lamps!


For those with a bigger balcony, you can enjoy the perfect resort experience by hanging a hammock for lounging on your balcony. Add a small side table to hold your book or a tall cold drink, and some green planters to create the ambience of a tropical paradise! And for privacy, you could weave a green curtain with climbing plants, so that your living screen can keep you from the prying eyes of neighbours.