Important Things to Notice Before Shifting to a New Locality

Important Things to Notice Before Shifting to a New Locality
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When buying a new home, there are many other factors to consider too, aside from the house itself. Many people just end up focusing on the home and what amenities it comes with, without considering important factors like location and neighborhood. So here is a list of things you need to consider before finalizing on a home:


As always, location is king when it comes to buying a home. Once you have bought the home, you can make changes to it, but you can’t change its location. Hence, take the time out to check its location in detail. Ensure it offers a good neighborhood, excellent facilities, good infrastructure and great connectivity to important parts of the city.


Stalk out the neighborhood at different times of the day to check for traffic hassles, noise pollution as well as from a safety point of view. Look for a neighborhood where your family can walk unaccompanied and still feel safe.


An ideal home location should have excellent roads, easy availability of nearby hospitals, shopping complexes, entertainment hubs and educational institutions so your kids don’t have to spend too much time getting to their schools either. The location should also have a nearby bus stop as well as a railway station and airport within a reasonable distance.


This is another crucial factor to consider when buying a home as its directly related to your family and homes’ safety. Ensure that your home is in a safe neighborhood devoid of drugs and gang activities. Most modern homes these days come within their own gated community setup. This means the compound will be walled, the entry/exit games will be manned and there will be CCTV surveillance 24×7 by trained security professionals.

Entertainment Zones

With the ongoing ‘work and play’ lifestyles, having easy access to public spaces like parks, gyms, walking tracks, malls and eateries hold a special place in day-to-day living. While most apartment projects come with their own plethora of amenities suitable for the whole family, easy access to public spaces like malls and movie theaters hold a lot of importance too.

You can add more points to this list according to your own unique needs too!