Latest Trends in Living Room Designs

Latest Trends in Living Room Designs
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The COVID-19 pandemic saw most people staying home and trying to carry on their daily lives as best they could. This meant that work had to be carried out from home along with kid’s education, household shopping, entertainment and socializing, etc.

All this resulted in significant changes in the purposing of rooms at home, especially the living room. It was no longer just a space where the family got together to relax and unwind. The living room became split into multifunctional islands for purposes of work-from-home, learn-from-home, entertainment, etc. And now that the pandemic has finally gone on the backburner, it’s time to look forward to normal life again.

Having said that however, it’s clear that the pandemic has left its impact on the way people think now, including its effect on living room design trends. According to designers, staying home has changed people’s outlook as they now look at the living room with a different perspective. The current design trends point towards a neutral palette, more relaxed seating and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Here’s a more detailed look at some of the latest trends:

More Functional

Current trends require the living room to be more functional, usable and comfortable. Since people are spending more quality time at home, it’s natural to expect a mini library arrangement, a small games table, a reading area, etc., to give this room more purpose.

Cozy Atmosphere

The furniture styles are expected to change to more comfortable pieces, but smaller in scale. A departure from the mid-century styles to more relaxed statement pieces are expected to become the new norm.

Stylish Accessories

Living rooms are expected to get more plush and comfortable. As the perfect foil, accessories are expected to become more bold, artful and personal. With hybrid teaching and work-from-home still going on, the need for stylish Zoom backgrounds is also fuelling the latest trends.


While neutral shades always rule, they are increasingly coming mixed with stronger colors and patterns. Greens are definitely trending and natural woody tones along with rattan and wicker are also making a comeback!


Latest trends also show people investing in larger TVs, high-tech entertainment systems and more comfortable seating arrangements to mimic their favorite movie theater experiences!