Impact of Technology on Real Estate Industry

Impact of Technology on Real Estate Industry
technology in real estate

In this digital era, every aspect of human life is being made easier by advancements in technology. We no longer have to get up to switch on the light or fan or to put on the TV. With the press of a button, we can get these trivial jobs done without having to move from our comfortable position. This was unheard of and impossible to accomplish 50 years back. An evolving real estate industry and ever-changing consumer demands makes this comfort of living possible. Here’s a closer look at how technology has affected the real estate industry:

Social Media

This has been a single most-powerful gamechanger on consumers across the globe. Social media is a very influential platform and provides the best medium for real estate developers to advertise their products to their target audience. Builders provide all information related to their project including the photographs, amenities, infrastructure, etc., and interested homebuyers can access all this information at the click of a button.

VR Technology

Sitting from inside the comfort of your home, you can view all 3D details of your dream home using Virtual Reality (VR) technology. It’s like taking a stroll through your new home! Real estate developers are increasingly using this technology to advertise their products to potential homebuyers.

Global Virtual Market

The internet has truly shrunk the world into a global village. You can now sit in one country and scour through properties in another country, in the city of your choice. You can even check the reputation of your builder, its neighborhood as well as the project specifics! All at the click of a mouse.

BIM Technology

Building Information Modelling is an innovative technology used by property developers to showcase their upcoming projects. A 3D design of the project can be displayed on the web portal allowing homebuyers to see the skeletal structure, its strength properties and other physical dimensions to allow buyers a closer look.

Smart Homes

The future of real estate is in home automation systems, where homeowners have digital control of everything from temperature to security to entertainment! The application of modern technology into real estate is getting life more simplified and residents happier than ever before!