How to Check the Construction Quality of an Apartment?

How to Check the Construction Quality of an Apartment?
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Buying a home is a lifetime investment and you need to ensure that you are buying into a sound project, where the builder is following all the rules to create sound homes. With a stiff competitive market existing as far as real estate developers go, the temptation to cut costs and corners while building is great. This is one of the reasons why you should always focus on buying homes from branded builders who have been in the business for some time.

Whether you are buying an under-construction apartment or a ready-to-move-in apartment, there are several steps you can follow to confirm you are buying into a quality home. Here’s a look on how to go about it:

Soil Structure

The type of soil structure will determine its weight-bearing qualities of the multi-storied building. Black cotton soil and clayey soil aren’t considered good for high rises as they tend to shrink and swell in accordance with the moisture content. Since a soil test is mandatory before commencing construction, ask for a copy of the results from the builder.

Concrete Mix

Builders are usually very particular about the strength and quality of the concrete used in high rises. The concrete mix used determines the load a structure can bear, but since the builder may not be able to monitor the concrete mix each time, they might opt for ready-mix concrete. Do find out from your developer about it.

Design Structure

It’s essential that the architects design the building to be able to withstand earthquakes up to a certain magnitude. You can take help from an expert to determine if the same holds true for your apartment. The building should also provide for emergency evacuation and wide staircases.


Check if the builder has actually made the walls as thick and solid as per agreement. Knock on the wall and press a key into it to gauge its sturdiness. If a hole is made, then the walls are poor quality.


Check the plastering and paint on the outer walls. If there are uneven cracks, it indicates poor quality of construction or foundation. A poor paintjob also takes away its appeal.

Think twice before buying such a home!