Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

It’s time to go minimalist if you are tired of the visual clutter lying around the house. However, going minimalist cannot be achieved overnight and will need to be done in a step-wise manner as you work through one room at a time.

Here is a look at some design tricks to help you achieve that minimalistic design aesthetics essential to a visually relaxing home:


The basic step to going minimalist is letting go of all the things you are done with. These could be referring to old kitchenware, clothes you won’t be wearing again or that pile of magazines in the corner! All these things are simply taking up space that’s better freed up.

Double-duty Furnishing

Another way to free up space and speed up your minimalist journey is by using furniture that does double duty – think in terms of storage and function. Ottomans come with hidden storage and can be used for seating, footrest or as a side-stool. You are saving on so much space with this multi-functional furniture!

One-in, One-out Rule

This is an essential rule for preventing clutter and dead space. For example, when you buy a new curio piece, you will need to get rid of an older one. This is a key learning lesson for going minimalist in your home. Always leave enough visual space for easy breathing.


Plants make a lively splash of color in minimalist homes. Natural elements like plants, crystals or wood make excellent accessories in a pared-down home, without affecting the minimalist look.


Whether its natural light, softer ambient light or focal light, they all help in creating the right mood in minimalist spaces. Get rid of thick and ornate drapes and keep your minimalist home looking bright and airy with simple light-weight curtains instead.


Less is always more when it comes to interior décor in minimalist homes. Use ascent pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Keep it simple with neutral monochromatic colors that are unpretentious, while being peaceful on the eyes too. Minimal use of color and pastels is another interior décor rule in minimalist homes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative with your own minimalist space!