Neighbourhood Features that Escalate Your Home’s Value

Neighbourhood Features that Escalate Your Home’s Value

Buying a new home isn’t as easy as it looks. Since a lot of money is involved, you do need to ensure that every factor has been considered and addressed properly. An important point to remember is that once you have bought a home, you can moderate it to fit your personal taste, but you can’t change its location or neighborhood! These 2 features, especially the neighborhood, also go on to influence the value of your home over time. Here’s a look at some neighborhood features that improve your home’s value:


Location and neighborhood are key factors to enhancing your home’s value. An ideal location should be well-connected to important places and include nearby bus stops, railway stations and a good network of roads. Most reputed builders ensure that their homes are located in areas that will serve to enhance the value of their homes.


Any neighborhood with good infrastructure within its vicinity ensure that the value of such homes only goes up. Reputed builders and developers are always on the lookout for such neighborhoods as they ensure easy selling of their homes. Important infrastructure could include an upcoming metro station, malls, multiplexes, career hubs, seat of government, etc.


Buying a home in a neighborhood that is close to garbage dumping grounds or nearby factories should be avoided as there will be air pollution. Take a drive through the neighborhood at night and check if there are any noisy clubs, bars or rowdy gatherings that could be detrimental to escalating your home’s value. Avoid them as they could compromise your family’s safety and well-being too.

Social structure

A home is a lifetime investment and one where you will spend most of your life. You will want to live within a nice and helpful community that takes care of its own during emergencies. Buying homes within a community where people of similar standing live together will ensure lifelong friendships and create good neighborhoods too.

Walkable facilities

Living in a neighborhood where all important facilities are within easy walking distance, enhances the value of homes in that neighborhood. Facilities such as grocery shops, pharmacies, supermarkets or bus stops within a 5-minutes walking distance, are all essentials for an ideal neighborhood.