Top Emerging Trends Preferred by Homebuyers in 2022

Top Emerging Trends Preferred by Homebuyers in 2022

One of the most basic needs of humans has always been having shelter, a safe haven to call a home of their own. Cut to the current scenario, and its urbanization that’s driving the residential real estate demand today. Though the realty sector was badly hit by the pandemic, it is now resurging back strongly to its normal upward growth phase again. Industry experts believe that the current rise in housing demand is being fueled by an attractive brew of low interest rates, inventory build-up and greater discounts by builders. Here is a look at some of the dominant emerging trends preferred by homebuyers in 2022:

Smart Technologies and Amenities

With a well-travelled clientele who know about the good things in life, builders are now providing a plethora of luxurious amenities with each home. Additionally, smart technologies are becoming the latest trend and being increasingly incorporated into homes and can be controlled via apps on the smartphone.

Ready-to-move-in Homes

The financial losses and job insecurities generated by the lockdowns during the pandemic had led to a buildup of a large inventory of homes. With homebuyers now wanting to buy homes, a preference for ready-to-move-in homes is the latest trend in 2022.


The pandemic made work-from-home the new norm; hence homebuyers are now on the lookout for spacious homes where there is enough private space to convert into a home office. Developers are also aware of this growing need and are likewise designing homes with separate areas included to function as a home office.

Serene Surroundings

Discerning homebuyers are now more focused on investing in homes that are located a little away from the humdrum of the city centers. Homes located in serene and peaceful surroundings are better for health as they are away from the dense population found in the central areas. And with the ongoing pandemic, less congested parts of the city mean better social distancing too!

Environment-Friendly Homes

With a more globally awake population, people are becoming more aware of climate changes and its causes. Likewise, there is an increasing demand for green homes that reduce their carbon footprints by including nature-friendly initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharging, on-site waste management, renewable solar energy, etc.