6 Tips to Keep your Wardrobe Organized

6 Tips to Keep your Wardrobe Organized
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There is no point in denying that over time, your wardrobe does begin to look messy and finding the clothes you want becomes a tussle every morning. No matter how big your wardrobe is, maintaining it in an organized manner is always going to be challenging. Here are some tips on keeping your wardrobe clean and organized throughout the year, so you never have to open it with dread again!

  • Create an empty space (most probably your bed!) and empty out the entire content of your wardrobe on it. Try not to throw them out in a jumble because you have to sort them out too.
  • Now comes the tough stage. You need to separate your clothes out into three categories, depending on whether you want to:
    a. Keep them
    b. Give them away
    c. Undecided
    Giving up on some of your clothes might get you emotional, but remember there is no point in keeping things that don’t make you look great anymore.
  • Now that you have a clear pile of clothes that you want to keep, it’s time to start sorting them out into seasons. Depending on where you live, you could have a pile for warm weather or cooler weather. There are some clothes that defy the seasonal clothes rule however, including jeans! In such a scenario, create another pile for jeans and pants.
  • Now that you have divided the clothes into seasons, it’s time to separate them out into separate piles. You could create separate stacks for sweaters, knit tops or thick tops, denim jeans, etc. Similarly, you could have separate stacks for your cotton tops, summer frocks and light-weight jeans. Once you are done, it’s time to place them back in your wardrobe.
  • Use storage boxes that fit onto your wardrobe shelves and divide them into compartments. Now roll up your soft and pliable clothes like underwear, leggings, socks or t-shirts and tuck them in, individually into the box. This way, each item is visible clearly and is easy to remove too when needed.
  • Always keep your most frequently used clothes at eye level. This means in the middle of the wardrobe, where it is to grab in the early morning rush!