How Affordable is the Cost of Living in Trivandrum?

How Affordable is the Cost of Living in Trivandrum?
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Trivandrum is the verdant capital of the southern state of Kerala. Aside from being the seat of governance, Trivandrum has been a state capital since 1795 when it was governed by the Maharajas of the Kingdom of Travancore. All this has meant that Trivandrum is better endowed with infrastructure and notable establishments and institutions when compared to the other large cities in the state.

About Trivandrum

Trivandrum is known for its prestigious educational institutions, many of them which were set up by the Maharajas and are still functional. The city is also known as a medical tourism destination with its multispecialty hospitals; aside from them, Trivandrum is a globally famous tourist destination by virtue of its numerous outstanding beaches, mysterious backwaters, ecotourism centers.

Factors Driving Growth in Trivandrum

The burgeoning IT hub, Technopark, is fueling rapid expansion of the city. A younger population of professionals are moving into Trivandrum for better career prospects. These techies have changed the very fabric of the city, making it a multi-cultural society. Charmed by the clean, green and peaceful city, most of them are opting to stay back and buy apartments in Trivandrum. The city is expanding both vertically and horizontally and the best builders in Trivandrum are busy with new projects in key parts of the city, in response to the rising demand for quality housing.

Some of the key driving factors for the city’s economy include the IT sector, education, aerospace, tourism, agriculture and businesses. A number of multinational retailers have also moved into the city. The best part is that Trivandrum boasts of comparatively superior roads, smooth utility supplies, better infrastructure and lower crime rates when compared to other cities in Kerala. And to top it all, Trivandrum is unlike other capital cities as the cost of living here is more affordable in comparison to other big cities. All this and more makes Trivandrum the best city to buy a flat and settle down.

Upcoming Developments

There are a number of other upcoming projects in the city which are fueling its rapid growth. These include the Vizhinjam Port, the Outer Ring Road project, the 6-lane Thekkady-Mangalapuram Link Road and the last phase of expansion of Technopark and TechnoCity.