Top 5 Design Essentials for Your Apartment

Top 5 Design Essentials for Your Apartment
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When you finally receive the keys to your new home, it’s a euphoric feeling, a fulfilment of a lifetime’s aspiration. The pride of ownership that you feel when you look at your beautiful home will give you a warm, comfortable feeling.

And when you have designed your home well, it takes your feelings of satisfaction a notch higher! Designing isn’t just about aesthetics anymore, but also about overcoming space constraints and achieving functionality. Here is a look at some design elements to keep in mind:

Smart Storage

This is a tricky element that is becoming a necessity with apartments getting increasingly smaller in the cities. You need to include clever storage ideas such as multi-functional furniture including beds with storage spaces for spare beddings, coffee tables and ottomans with hidden compartments, modular kitchen designs or corner utility shelves.

Spacious and Airy

Let natural light and breeze to filter in with large French windows. You can opt for sheer window dressing to enjoy maximum natural light and enhance the feeling of airy space in your apartment. Homes with natural lighting and greenery are happy homes with positive vibes that are bound to get you feeling more relaxed.

Minimalist Designs

Such designs lead to easy flow of air and light. With minimalistic designs being less stressful to the eye, it helps you unwind and feel relaxed easily. Such homes are also less cluttered and maintaining them becomes so easy!

Tapestry Walls

Your walls can help unleash the artist in you as there are so many options. You can create a highlight wall in a different colour or texture to add an element of interest to the room. Or you could make the wall your tapestry to create a collage of your family photographs or even your personal artwork.

Light it Up

With changing times, the use of lighting has changed significantly too. You can have focus lighting to highlight special displays or to help emphasise a seating area demarcation in an open-design apartment. Aside from smart lighting, you also have a choice of white or yellow lighting, recessed lighting, wall scones or hanging decorative lighting.

All these design essentials can make your home feel so relaxing, just like a staycation!