Tips to Increase Storage Space in Your Apartment

Tips to Increase Storage Space in Your Apartment
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Apartments make great living spaces and come with a number of advantages. However, one drawback to apartment living is the paucity of storage spaces, resulting in cluttering up of precious space. Here is a look at some imaginative use of space to optimize storage in apartments:

  • Go vertical. It’s always better to store things vertically and open up precious floor space. This will not only de-clutter your room, but increase space to walk around in. You can use shelves, racks, hooks or even just stack attractive woven boxes with storage spaces inside. You can use this method of storage in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms and earn yourself some precious floor space.
  • Another way to increase storage space discreetly in your apartment is by hanging door storage compartment organizers at the back of doors – can be kitchen, bathroom or bedroom doors. They are very handy anywhere and don’t have to be just used for storing your shoes. You can use them to store shampoos, shavers, extra soap, etc., in the bathroom or for storing your small knick-knacks in the bedroom.
  • Attractive storage baskets or bins can be kept in room corners and used for storing kid’s toys, frequently-used items, stationery items, etc., and save up a lot on clutter and use of space.
  • Shelves are another godsend when it comes to storage in apartments. This vertical form of storage can be used for storing both small and large items, including your pots and pans, your books, toys and of course, your curio displays. Shelves can be put up in every room.
  • Dual-purpose furniture are excellent for storage as well as functionality. You can have box coffee tables with space underneath for stacking magazines, toys or even your tea service. Beds with storage spaces underneath are also great for storing extra beddings, blankets and less-used items.
  • Storage cubbies offer endless possibilities when it comes to storage too. They are basically shelves with dividers, such that storage becomes neater and more organized. They are useful in almost every room of the house, including the living room where you can use them as a display shelf.

Hope these tips are helpful.