New Trends in Lighting

New Trends in Lighting

Apparently, it’s not just appareled fashions that change every year, but things like lightings too. It is one of the most important aspects of interior decoration and is capable of changing the entire landscape of the home. To a large extent, evolving technologies and the presence of a more discerning clientele drive these newer trends.

You can manipulate the whole atmosphere and mood of your home depending on the way you position the lights and put up the fixtures. Lighting has to reflect the way that the room is meant to be used. And what works in the kitchen will not work in the bedroom and vice versa. With tastes and preferences changing with each generation, there are numerous themes available…like vintage lighting, art deco, retro, mid-century modern, etc.

While there are aren’t too many surprises expected in the lightings section of interior decoration, there are a few notable trends being focused upon. Soft gold light fixtures are the in-thing for 2017 and come in numerous shapes, forms, and purposes. With wall color emphasis being on pale shades, the soft gold color which is a cross between brushed gold and brushed silver goes very well in light fixtures.

Upgraded modern industrial styles in rustic finishing are finding takers too; these come in sleeker, metal-rich designs in varied tones. They work well in the kitchen or dining area or even as wall decoration or centerpiece.
Lighting fixtures with clean lines and uncluttered designs are the in-thing this year. These mid-century modern designs, as well as art deco designs, offer attractive geometric shapes that never fail to add a slightly informal, artful look to the room. Without excessive ornamentation, they go well with modern home furnishing.

More and more people are also changing over to LED lights for their money and power savings; the added bonus here is in the variety of colors, brightness, designs, and shapes, etc, that they are available in. The number of lights and the way they are placed can make a difference to the mood of the room too along with the wall color and furniture arrangements. These tiny jack-of-all-trades lamps can be used in both modern as well as traditional fixtures and are getting smarter by the day. Though dimmers and sensors have been around for donkey’s years, these lights are now being made to communicate with other devices too.

Exterior lights are being given more attention this year as people are using outdoor spaces more for entertaining and dining purposes. Attractive outdoor table lamps, pendants, and chandelier-like fixtures are becoming part of the norm for exteriors too.

But whatever said and done, it’s you who has to live with the lightings put up, so go for what you are comfortable with, both in the pocket as well as in looks!