Tips to Organize an Apartment to Increase the Space

Tips to Organize an Apartment to Increase the Space

Let’s get one thing straight,  a home is never big enough. Period. There are always going to be space constraints, with the area never being big enough to hold your hoard of memories. There are always things to be tucked in here and there, a variety of stuff that you have been prizing since your childhood days, vacation mementos, etc.

And when the kids start growing up, it’s only going to get worse as they start their own collection of must-have and needs. So what do you do for space? In an apartment, there isn’t much scope for extending the built-up area, which means that you need to get innovative and find ways to use space judiciously to create an aura of spaciousness.

However, not to get disheartened, as there are so many ways in which you can organize an apartment to accommodate all your stuff, yet look stylish. Let’s start on the walls. Create aesthetically-placed shelves that can accommodate your decorative knick-knacks without taking up too much space. Shelves work wonders in all rooms, starting from the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, kid’s rooms, etc, as these rooms always have a lot of stuff to store.

The important thing is to place the shelves strategically so that they are functional without being an eyesore. The TV can also go up on the wall, creating more floor space. Painting the walls in light airy shades creates a sense of roominess and when paired with large airy windows, the effect is one of uncluttered haven.

When it comes to the floor, go for pale shades of wall-to-wall carpeting as it makes the floor area look bigger. Buy furniture that suits the size of the space available. Large pieces will create a claustrophobic effect and eat up space. Short-legged sofas look better in smaller spaces and furniture arranged towards the walls creates a larger central area to move around in, giving the

impression of a bigger room. Invest in modern furniture designs that have built-in concealed storage area; a lot of storage space can be created under the beds and tables this way.

You could try investing in pretty baskets too that could hold the hundred-and-one things that need to be stored. And when it comes to cupboards, think of really tall ones, cupboards that reach the ceiling. An awful lot can be stored this way.

Natural light has a way of maximizing the appearance of space and when paired up with large decorative mirrors, you are onto a winner for creating an impression of generous roominess.

Thinking out of the box, using a little bit of ingenuity and going for furniture that does double-duty is the trick to organizing space in your apartment.