Vastu Remedies for Your Home

Vastu Remedies for Your Home
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Nowadays, home are bought fully ready with all facilities, utilities and amenities in place. All one needs do is move in. There is one element however, that needs consideration. This is the application of Vastu principles. The ancient science of Vastu provides tenets to usher in positivity, health, wealth and happiness into a home. And in these modern times where there is a continuous race to be the most successful and powerful, it is essential your life is fueled by positive energy.

This is where the importance of Vastu comes in. Here are some ways to ensure your home follows the basic Vastu principles:

Entrance Door

The east is where the sun rises and is considered to bring in positivity and prosperity. The main entrance should ideally be here, with no water bodies or obstructions in front of it. The area should always be clean and properly ventilated.


Doors inside the home should always be rectangular in shape and even in number, per floor. Oil the door hinges regularly as they shouldn’t make noise.

Prayer Room

The worship room should be in east or northeastern direction. Other directions could lead to loss of concentration and perturbed minds. All the idols or photos should face the west or east and you should either face the north or east when praying.


To avoid health issues, your feet shouldn’t point towards the door. For peaceful sleep, your head should always point southwards. The bed shouldn’t be placed under a beam.


Overhead water tanks and bathrooms are best located in the west or south. Underground tanks, wells and swimming pools should face the northeast direction. Toilets on the east-facing wall are believed to contaminate positive energy.

Study Table

Students should face the north, northeastern or east when studying. The study table should be placed in the west or south direction.


Southeast direction is considered best for the kitchen and other fireworks, including generators. A kitchen in the northeast would lead to disharmony within the family.


Don’t hang mirrors on west or south-facing walls or opposite the front door as they reflect back positive energy. Mirrors should be hung on northern or eastern walls.

Hope these pointers were helpful to you!