Main Gate Vastu Ideas

Main Gate Vastu Ideas
Main Gate Vastu Ideas - Favourite Homes

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture that helps in making a building auspicious for its inhabitants. If applied properly, it enhances the health, wealth and prosperity of the inhabitants of that building, be it an office or a home.

And when it comes to building a home, the main gate entrance is the most important feature according to Vastu. This is because the gate is the main channel through which energy enters your home and spreads around. Hence you need to ensure that proper guidelines are followed when planning the entrance to your home. And for those who want to buy ready-to-move-in homes in Trivandrum, go with builders such as Favourite Homes who are into crafting Vastu-compliant villas and apartments.

To ensure that positive energies surround your home and the occupants are healthy and happy, here are some Vastu rules to follow:

-There shouldn’t be a wall directly opposite the main gate

-The main gate shouldn’t face any intersecting road

-The entrance gate should be larger than all other doors at home

-The entrance gate should be stronger and sturdier than all other doors and should preferably be built of teak wood

-The path leading towards the gate should be decorated with flowers or auspicious symbols

-There shouldn’t be any clutter or garbage bins around the main gate as it leads to the flow of negative energy

-The entrance gate shouldn’t have any form of hindrance in fronts of it like poles, trees or wires.

-Ensure that the gate opens inwards, pulling energy inwards. All other doors should also open inwards

-There shouldn’t be any water tank or septic tank built in front of your main gate entrance

-There should be sufficient lighting around the main gate to take away the gloom and keep it looking bright and cheerful

-You shouldn’t have a temple or prayer room directly opposite the entrance gate

-If it is an apartment, the lift in the building shouldn’t be directly opposite the main gate entrance either

-The main entrance should always be well maintained and be free of squeaky noises when opening or closing it

-Avoid black-colored main gates; have some design on it to make it look inviting

-The main gate should be above ground level, with an odd number of steps where possible

-The entrance gate should face the east or northern side, with the north-east side being the best. Similarly, south-east or north-west sides are also suitable for main entrances.

If things don’t fall according to Vastu, don’t fret as there are remedies for that too!