Benefits of Working From Home

Benefits of Working From Home
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The COVID-19 pandemic has taught mankind many lessons, one of them is that working from home has many benefits – both for employers and employees. While working remotely was considered a constraint initially, everyone has settled in and working from home (WFH) is now throwing up many of its positives. Here is a look at some of the benefits of working from home:

Office space

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you need a huge office table and a rolling chair. You can work from virtually any part of your home on your laptop – it could be your bedroom, kitchen or even the balcony! Just ensure an uncluttered background when you are video-conferencing.

Office schedule

The best part of WFH is that you can work on flexible timing. You can put in your 8 hours without having to start at 9 am itself. And you get to decide when you want to go on breaks too. Even for those with fixed office timings, you can still do more things during breaks – things you couldn’t do at the office.

Effective meetings

No-one enjoys long meetings, but when working from home, office meetings become more bearable. You can share docs and send comments without disrupting the speaker during video calls. Meeting times are shorter now and more effective too.

Staying focus

With no obligatory socializing with co-workers to disturb your concentration, you can focus better on your work. You might even find yourself completing your work schedule before time, ensuring increased productivity and performance.

Office politics

You can’t choose your colleagues and sometimes idle chitchat can turn into gossiping and posturing which are best avoided. WFH in such a scenario is a real boon!


With WFH, you end up saving precious time and money spent on the commute to-and-fro from work. This improves your carbon footprints on the planet and reduces pollution. Essentially, you end up saving a good chunk of money, reduce environmental pollution and get more time to spend with loved ones too!


Interestingly, you also save on money spent on power-dressing as well as on unhealthy snacks and lunches. So you also end-up getting healthier. All in all, WFH has enormous benefits!