Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology
smart home technology

Technology is hitting every aspect of life, and homes are among its newest target. For those who have technophobia, there is nothing to fear either as smart home technologies are very simple to use. Just a press of the button on your smartphone is all it takes to get so many appliances in your home taken care of!

Smart home technology is Wi-Fi enabled and ideal for those who keep having nagging doubts after leaving home. Is the coffee maker off? Is the security alarm on? Is the AC off? …..The list of worries can go on and on. But with smart homes, a quick scroll through your smartphone and your worries are over. Numerous devices including lighting, home security, garage doors, entertainment devices, thermostat regulators, etc, can all be linked to your smartphone now. A press of the button or a voice command is enough to get your appliances following through. Life couldn’t get better than this surely!

In the earlier days of smart home automation, only the rich could afford automated homes, but now they have become more affordable to the common man. A lot of it is due to the success of the smartphone, making it a full-blown consumer trend.

If you are just getting started off, consider getting a smart home bundle that includes a range of devices that you use on a regular basis- like bulbs, music system, TV, thermostat/AC, fridges, locks, bells, etc. Though the earliest smart appliance was the lighting system, the technology has moved far ahead. You now have smart devices that can even tell when your plant needs watering or when your fridge needs stocking up. Technology has moved so far that you can even get voice answers to your questions regarding some appliance.

Smart home technology is best for those who don’t like getting off the couch just to turn down the lights or turn on the coffeemaker in the kitchen. It also means that just before you reach home, your gate would be opened, your garage door will open, lights will come on in the house, music will be playing to welcome you and the AC would have come on. What a homely welcome!

As home security is always a matter of priority to all Indians, there are smart security cameras that can detect movement and inform you when there is an intruder inside the house and even zoom into the intruder and stream high-resolution footage as it follows his image; this provides a good source of evidence for the police. And what’s best is that this camera looks just like some common art object lying around! Digital locks are also very useful for the security-conscious Indians and pretty fool-proof. What’s more, when tampered with, they send off an alarm!

Isn’t it time you got started on home automation too?