Advantages of Living Near Your Office

Advantages of Living Near Your Office
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For many people working in urban centers today, getting to the workplace is a daily chore and one of the worst aspects of their work-life. Not only does it spoil the day, daily office commutes longer than 10km also tend to get expensive in the long run too. By day end, you won’t have much enthusiasm or energy left to enjoy the remaining evening with the family.

In such a scenario, it would be wiser to consider shifting your home closer to your workplace. This will have many advantages in your life – including on your health, your work quality as well as more time for family and friends. Here’s a look at some of the advantages of living close to your workplace:

Avoid Peak-time Traffic

By living closer to the office and having a shorter commute, you can easily avoid the rush-hour traffic, both in the mornings and evenings. You produce less pollution and get exposed to lower air pollution too. So, by living close to the office, the environment also gets to benefit. And you get to the office in a fresh mind, ready to tackle your work.

Save On Time

By living close to your workplace, you have the added advantage of saving on precious time spent on the road. This is a significant benefit as you don’t have to leave home very early and you can get home early too without facing the commute hassle.

Keeps You Healthier

Having a home near your office means you can easily walk or ride a bicycle to work. This will keep you healthier and give you more time to exercise and stay fit. By saving on commute time, you get time to go to the gym in the morning/evening instead.

Saves You Money

A longer daily commute does get expensive, no matter whether it’s by public transport or your own vehicle. By living closer to your office, you end up saving quite a bit on commute expenses too – aside from contributing less towards pollution.

Ideal Work-life Balance

With a home nearby, you can always go back for a hot lunch or pop over in case you forgot a file back home. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for those with homes nearby!