Living Closer to Workplace – Advantages

Living Closer to Workplace – Advantages
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Spending considerable time on office commute is a hassle many people get to face on a day-to-day basis. Asides from being very inconvenient, it can lead to a very harried and stressful life, having to face traffic congestions at peak hours on a daily basis. A better option is to have your home closer to your workplace. Here are some important reasons why you should consider moving home closer to your workplace:

Saves on Time: It’s a no-brainer that spending long hours travelling to and fro from the office means that much less time for doing more productive things. This could include spending quality time with family and friends or finally having that extra half-hour to hit the gym. Living far from home introduces more chances of mishaps and delays in getting to your workplace in time too.

Saves on Cost: Rising costs of fuel coupled up with the cost of vehicle maintenance will only make your office commute more expensive if its far from home. On the other hand, living closer to the workplace will bring down your daily commute costs considerably. When added up at the end of the month, it translates to a lot of savings!

Saves on Health: Another advantage of living close to your workplace means you can easily walk down or ride a bicycle to work. This way you can get in some great exercise time into your daily routine and maintain better health. Staying close to your workplace also means you save on time spent sitting sedentary during a long commute. Its also less stressful.

Saves on Pollution: By avoiding long crawling commutes during peak hours in the city, you are contributing towards reducing pollution. You end up burning less fossil fuels on shorter trips when living closer to your workplace, thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

Saves your Reputation: When there are strikes or prevailing bad weather, its those living closer to the workplace who can always be relied upon to make it to the office. This way, you get to maintain a reputation for reliability.

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