Tips to make your Bedroom look Spacious

Tips to make your Bedroom look Spacious
Bedroom Tips

We all dream of large spacious bedrooms with lacy canopied beds and fancy walk-in closets; the reality, however, is usually different. With spaces getting scarce in cities, homes are getting smaller as well. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream of a spacious bedroom as there are tricks to make the smallest of bedrooms appear much larger. Here are a few tips to guide you along:

Lighter Colors

Dark shades tend to absorb light while light colours reflect light, making the bedroom seem larger. Light pastel shades on walls, decor and furnishing are best suited in smaller bedrooms.


Stripes work wonders when your aim is to visually enlarge the room. Vertical stripes make the ceiling appear higher while horizontal stripes produce the effect of widening a narrow room’s dimensions, hence making your bedroom appear larger.

Coordinating Colors and Patterns

Going with varying shades and textures in the same colour creates the effect of a continuous flow, thus making the bedroom appear more spacious. And when it comes to patterns, stick to either verticals or horizontals, never both! Small patterns in lighter shades of the base colour also create interest in the room while making the walls look more expensive.

Size and style of furniture

Placing large-sized furniture in small space cramps up the bedroom further. When buying furniture, always keep your bedroom’s dimensions in mind. Go with furnishing that shows their legs. The visible floor space gives the impression of airiness. 

Avoid Clutter

Less furniture in your bedroom translates to more space, so stick to the basics. Another way is to opt for multi-purpose furnishing that has storage spaces or those that can fold over and serve dual purposes. Seating spaces that unfold out into beds or beds with built-in storage compartments are some ideas. Beds with attached floating bedside tables also save on essential floor spaces. 

Window treatments

Match your curtains with your walls, creating a sense of continuity and wider space. Additionally, don’t let your curtains pool onto the floor and hog essential floor space. Another option would be to go with blinds that come in light shades and are space-efficient.

Vertical displays and storage spaces

Aside from freeing up essential floor space, wall shelves tend to take the eyes upwards, making the bedroom appear larger. Reflective mirrors on the walls also multiply light, increasing the sense of space.

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