Why we should own a Villament

Why we should own a Villament
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The real estate industry is evolving in numerous ways, all for the betterment of mankind it would seem. Earlier people lived in independent homes, cottages, lodges, and townhouses that lined the city streets like multi-storied walls with gaping shapes representing its numerous doors and windows. Then came the bungalows, villas, and apartments; and now we have a further entrant known as the villament. Just as the name suggests, a villament is an amalgamation of the good things of both the villa and the apartment.

In villaments, you get the privacy of a villa – at the affordability of an apartment. This relatively new trend in community living gets you the luxury of living in a villa at rates that fall within your budget. It is the perfect solution for people who want to live in style in villas with their own private gardens within the city limits. There is enough space in these hybrid homes to keep you free, yet ensuring that you aren’t secluded.

We all aspire to have a home to call our own, a home that we save tirelessly towards, almost from our first job onwards. Yet, with spiraling costs of living, many of us are unable to afford the kind of homes that we really aspire for, and home is something no one wants to compromise on either. This situation keeps most of us tangled in confusing webs as we all really want to own the kinds of luxurious villas that one keeps seeing advertised everywhere, but then the budget constraints tie up our dreams into a knot!

Smart property builders have especially created this hybrid concept of homes so that everyone gets to rightfully fulfill their dreams. As opposed to the numerous homes available in the vertical towers coloring the skyline these days, a villament ideally consists of a maximum of 5 homes, with two homes on the first two floors and a spacious penthouse on the top floor. Each villament is created to look just like a modern villa with all the numerous luxuries fitted into its interiors, providing exclusive privacy for the homeowner. The car gets parked close to the home and everyone gets to own a garden space of their own.

Aside from this, the residents also get to enjoy the amenities that come with apartments including swimming pools, clubhouses, and various game courts. Then there is also the added prestige that goes with living in villaments, making you a member of an elite club of home-owners. They are great for senior citizens without any children around as these people get to enjoy some solitude and peace in villaments and still get to enjoy the company of neighbors who aren’t too far away.

As far as most people are concerned, the difference between a villa and an apartment is the big difference in the price range. However, many people don’t realize that in a villa, the four walls can drive one crazy with loneliness sometimes, but villaments take care of this drawback by providing you with like-minded neighbors who arent too far away. They also make for great investments these days.