Why Should You Invest in a 2 BHK Apartment?

Why Should You Invest in a 2 BHK Apartment?
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Most prospective homebuyers tend to focus on location, budget and builder when selecting a property and end up overlooking the size of the home – that is the BHK type. This refers to the number of bedrooms in the home you are considering. The BHK is an important factor to consider, especially if buying a property for investment purposes.

With the easy availability of home loans, most people are opting to buy a home at an increasingly younger age, some, from their bachelor days even. That’s when it gets difficult to decide whether to buy a 1BHK or a 2 or 3BHK apartment. The 2BHK apartments are always a better choice, whether for married or single, and here are some reasons why:

  • They are comparatively more affordable than the 3BHK apartments. The important point to note here is that by just adding a little more funds to the cost of a 1BHK, you can easily invest in a 2BHK and get a home that’s more spacious and practical in the long run. They are also ideal for the mid-income, smaller family sizes which is why you will see more of 2BHK than 1BHK apartments.
  • When compared to 3 & 4BHK homes, 2BHK homes are easier to maintain too. This factor becomes more applicable in the current scenario where both the parents are working and don’t get too much time for daily maintenance of their home.
  • You will find that there is comparatively better investment appreciation for 2BHK apartments than 1BHK or 3 BHK homes. This is because 2BHK apartments are always in greater demand when compared to 1 and 3BHK apartments. One reason is that 2BHK homes are more practical for current lifestyles and family structures.
  • They are easier to rent out too when compared to 1 & 3BHK apartments. You will find that there are always more tenants available for a 2BHK than a 3BHK apartment.
  • You will also reap higher returns as rentals on a 2BHK apartment as there is always a greater demand for them. By paying a slightly higher EMI value for a 2BHK than a 1BHK, you end up with comparatively higher returns on your investment.