What’s the Best way to Clean Wood Furniture?

What’s the Best way to Clean Wood Furniture?
What’s the Best way to Clean Wood Furniture? - Favourite Homes

Wooden furniture and embellishments have been symbols of classy elegance and posh living for many generations past. Kerala, with its rich resource of different types of wood from the Western Ghats, is well known for its lavish use in the traditional homes. And this is aside from the intricately carved wooden furniture that they favor.

However, wood is expensive and though it’s quite hardy, it does need its fair share of proper caring. Polished wood furniture shows off the beautiful graining pattern of the wood as well as its rich color. While dusting does the trick on most days, wood does require some intensive care once in a while, especially if you happen to be living in a humid climate. Dirt and grime can build up on your wooden fixtures over time, leaving a dark sticky film over your wooden fixtures and furniture.

To remove this grime from your furniture, you first need to dust it and then follow this up by making an effective cleaning solution using a mild dishwashing fluid diluted in water. Dip a soft cotton rag, preferably an old T-shirt into this solution, squeeze out the excess fluid and then gently rub off the grime. Keep in mind that intensive, careless cleaning can end up harming the wood, leaving you with ugly looking furniture. Once the grime has come off, wipe the furniture with a fresh damp rag dipped in clean water and wipe it completely dry.

The last step after drying is waxing. This restores their natural shine as well as providing a protective film that prolongs the furniture’s life. Here are some more intensive ways of cleaning wood furniture that has stains or other problems.

Removing Old Polish

Old furniture usually has layers of old polish on it. To revitalize it looks, step two tea bags in boiling water and allow it to cool to room temperature. Wash the wood with the tea using a damp cotton cloth. The tannic acid in the tea does wonders in maintaining your furniture and giving it a new shine.

Removing Water Stains

Careless use can leave water rings on your tables and armrests of chairs. Mix some non-gel toothpaste with a little baking soda and rub the stain till it’s gone. Then wipe dry with a clean damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Removing Difficult Marks

Make a paste of baking powder with water and rub the stain gently till it disappears. Follow up with cleaning with a damp cloth before drying properly.