What do Homebuyers in Trivandrum Prefer? – Top 5 Emerging Trends

What do Homebuyers in Trivandrum Prefer? – Top 5 Emerging Trends
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With Kerala leading the way as far as infrastructure development is concerned in the country, it is only natural that real estate would follow next. The demand for residential and commercial real estate has been showing an upward trend over the years in Kerala and was only marginally dampened by the lockdowns.

As people become more exposed to global styles, new trends have also started emerging in the residential real estate sector to fulfil client needs. Apartments in Trivandrum are increasingly coming up with new trends which are gaining popularity with an increasingly younger generation of homebuyers. Here is a look at 5 new emerging trends amongst homebuyers in Trivandrum:

1.Green Homes – With people increasingly aware of the effects of global warming, green housing projects are gaining greater popularity. The millennial generation are more concerned about the importance of minimising their carbon footprint and opting for green homes. This has motivated builders to develop eco-friendly green apartments and villas in Trivandrum with more sustainable designs.

2.Gated Community Living – Most homebuyers are opting for gated community living as they offer greater security as well as more luxurious amenities, safer paved pathways for strolling, secure kid’s playgrounds, etc. This trend is all the rage with homebuyers now.

3.Smart Security – Though gated community living comes with its own surveillance and security personnel, times are changing and families feel the need for greater security as both working parents spend a greater part of the day away from home. Smart security measures such as smart video doorbell cameras, digital door locks, home surveillance systems, etc. are the latest trend in security.

4.Interior Design – Another emerging trend is greater role being given to interior designing. With environment-friendly contemporary designs being in vogue, it is only natural that clutter-free minimalist interiors become the new trend with the new-gen millennial homebuyers.

5.Going Digital – While advancing technologies have meant greater prowess over construction techniques, digital technology in itself has transformed the way real estate marketing works. With onset of the pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing norms, digital marketing of homes is another interesting emerging trend. Many sale deals are now being concluded online in lieu of social distancing norms.