Ways to Introduce Positive Energy into Your Home

Ways to Introduce Positive Energy into Your Home
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The home is your comfort zone, the place where you feel safe and secure, the place where you can let yourself go and be who you are. It’s also the place where you nourish relationships and build memories, where you look forward to the evenings when the family can spend quality time together and love can be shared around.

In these challenging times, it becomes more pertinent than ever to have homes that recharge your energies before facing the turmoil of the outside world again the next day. This also means that your home should give off positive vibes and offers a peaceful atmosphere.

According to Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese Science on living, energy is referred to as ‘Chi’ and you need to provide an environment at home that allows Chi to move around freely. While beautiful interior décor gets half the job done, de-cluttering your home is the other half. Since energy never dies, but just keeps changing form, here are some ways to harness the positive energy into your home:


Get rid of things you haven’t used in the last one year. Give them away and free-up space in your own home for free movement of energy. A spacious home with minimalistic décor is also soothing to the eyes and calming to the senses.


Install wind chimes at the entrance of your door as these are known to usher in positive energy.

Bad memories

Remove anything from the home that has bad memories attached to it. Like photographs or mementoes of events that didn’t go well. Keep more of things that will make your family smile.

Fresh Plants and flowers

These are always soothing to the eyes and bring instant positive energy into the home. Aside from their rejuvenating splash of green colour, certain indoor plants are also known to cleanse the indoor air of toxins, hence enhancing your family’s health.

Fresh air

It’s well-known that pollution is on the rise, especially in the cities, but, you still need to open your doors and windows daily – even if for a short while, to allow the spent energy to leave and usher in fresh vibes.


There is a whole subject on how colours affect our moods. You should ideally have a mix of warm and cold colours in your home to create a balance.

Once you get home, your senses should be stimulated with a clean home, aroma of a dish cooking/nice smell, soothing music and loving family. All these add to the positive energy of a home.