Ways to Make your Kitchen Look More Spacious

Ways to Make your Kitchen Look More Spacious
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With more and more people moving to urban areas, cities are slowly running out of space with the result that homes are now going vertical and smaller.

However, with a little bit of creativity, you can make smaller spaces like the kitchen appear large and airier. Here’s a look at ways to achieve this effect in the kitchen:

White color reflects light thus enhancing the feel of space and making the walls recede. Thus painting your cabinets, walls and ceilings white will create a seamless sense of space without boundaries. Keeping everything in the same color also creates the illusion of boundless space.

  • Alternatively, you could go for a low-contrast color scheme for your counters, cabinets, walls, and ceiling to create a sense of continuity without obtrusive differences. Distinct changes in colors from dark to light do not enhance the feeling of expansiveness. Go with colors in different shades.
  • Maximize the use of light in your kitchen. Do away with curtains in the kitchen and allow natural light to brighten up your spaces. You could also consider installing lights above or below the kitchen cabinets to brighten up space and make it appear large and airy.
  • Minimizing visual clutter makes the kitchen appear larger. Stowaway your appliances into the cabinets, keeping only a few things on display in favor of minimalistic designing.
  • Consider replacing cabinets with glass doors. This enhances the feel of space, making the walls look further away. This of course also means keeping your cabinets well-arranged!
  • With floor space being scarce, use vertical spaces instead of storage. You could create shelves, use pegboards or install magnetic strip boards to store daily-use items at easily accessible levels.
  • Interestingly, floors too can create an illusion of space. Use horizontal lines make slim kitchens look wider.
  • Display shiny steel appliances, glossy cabinets, glass tiling or even sparkling kitchen floors to make your tiny kitchen appear larger – just the way a mirror does.
  • If you don’t have an open floor plan, then you could consider removing part of a wall to visually enhance the feeling of space, light, and continuity. Though this doesn’t increase your floor space, it does create a visual impact instead.

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