Ways to Control Pests at Home

Ways to Control Pests at Home
Home Pest Control

Household pests are those unwanted organisms, usually insects, which creep into our homes and set up base. Common household pests include cockroaches, ants, meal moths, silverfish, fruit flies, lizards and rodents. There are a number of simple and effective remedies which you can carry out to control pest infestation, so don’t press the panic button just yet!


Your first course of action should always be prevention. Don’t provide sources of sustenance or shelter for these pesky vermin. Ensure that there is no water accumulated anywhere in your home, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Store all your edibles in tightly closed containers without leaving any scraps lying around. Don’t leave dirty dishes lying around either as they provide a feast for cockroaches, ants, rodents and indoor lizards. Your trashcan should be tight -sealed, so there is no food available for pests. Finally, maintaining a neat and clean home is key to keep in check pest invasions.


Heaps of anything lying around and remaining undisturbed provides the ultimate haven for pests to hide and breed in. It’s better to dispose of your newspaper and magazine stacks on a frequent basis. You should also ensure that your wardrobe doors close tightly without any gaps for insects to creep in and set up home. Cramped-up spaces with too many things scattered around impair proper cleaning, so de-clutter your home and stick to the basic features only. You should also caulk any cracks or crevices and cover holes with wire meshes.

Identify the pest

Successful pest control depends on the type of pest and eradication method used. Apply the pesticide at target locations only and ensure that your pets and children don’t come in contact with the pesticides. Always follow the instructions and safety advice on the pesticide label. You should also groom your pet regularly and if it has fleas, get the right medication from your vet.

Since some pesticides can be harmful to humans, go for the ones that are least hazardous and come with a warning of ‘caution’. With many pesticides being ‘broad spectrum’ and killing most crawling insects, ensure that it also works on the pest you are faced with. Dusting boric acid powder near cracks, crevices and corners usually take care of most crawling insects. For others, you could use bait boxes or traps.

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