Vastu for Staircases

Vastu for Staircases
Vastu for Staircases - Favourite Homes

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that unifies the tenets of architecture, art, astronomy, directions and the five elements of nature. It balances them with man and materials to create a congenial living or workspaces that enhance health, wealth and prosperity.

And when it comes to applying Vastu in your home, you need to be very sure that it’s designed in accordance with the tenets of Vastu. Aside from the placing of doors, windows and room allocations, the staircase is also an important area as far as Vastu goes.

With space running out in the cities and constructions going vertical, almost every home is multi-storeyed. The stairs allow you to move fluidly from one level to another and their location within the structure of the home matters a lot. They come in multiple shapes and sizes and built of a variety of materials. Here are some basic rules needed for construction of a staircase according to the principles of Vastu:

1) In accordance with Vastu, the staircase should be built in the western or southern part of the house. The north-east quadrant should be completely avoided.

2) You shouldn’t have a staircase just by the main entrance door as such a defect keeps Lady Luck away.

3) Ideally, there should be no external staircase. And when there is one, it should be built in the south-east side and facing the east or it should be in the south-west side and facing the west. North-west facing stairs should face the north and south-west should face the south side.

4) It’s preferable that the staircase begins from the northern side and ends at the southern side. A turn is allowed in case of space constraints.

5) Spiral staircases should be avoided as they lead to a lot of trouble, more so if it’s in the south-eastern side.

6) Likewise, the staircase should always begin at a door and end at a door.

7) The staircase shouldn’t touch the northern or eastern walls.

8) The steps in a staircase should always be in odd numbers and never end with a zero, for it to be Vastu-compliant.

9) The staircase shouldn’t be visible to your visitors either and be away from the sitting room and foyer.

10) The staircase should never be above the kitchen, toilet or prayer room – to avoid ill health in the family.

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