Vaastu Points to Consider Before Buying a Property

Vaastu Points to Consider Before Buying a Property

Vaastu is an ancient Indian science that deals with the correct usage of space. Though the younger generation has difficulties relating to it, there is a scientific explanation behind the application of these principles in home designing. If applied correctly, Vaastu creates homes that are well-lit, well-ventilated, uncluttered, well-designed and spacious.

With current lifestyles, few people have the time to go to the trouble of building their own homes; the end result is that people are increasingly opting for ready-to-move-in apartments and villas now. However, this brings in another doubt, whether the home is built in accordance with the principles of Vaastu or not. In most case, it shouldn’t be a cause for worry as most builders are aware of the importance of Vaastu for their customers and build Vaastu-compliant homes.

Here are some Vaastu guidelines you can check when looking over a property:

Entrance: When buying an apartment, it’s the block entrance that’s considered as the entrance to the home. Go for entrances that face the north or north-east to avoid the harmful infrared rays coming in through the south or south-west facing entrances. Ample unobstructed space should be present in front of the entrance.

The circulation around the building: The lift and staircase should be adjacent to one another and preferably in the south or south-west corner of the building – as they act as buffers and keep the heat of the sun away from the building’s interiors.

Cross-ventilation and sunlight: As Vaastu places great importance on circulation and natural light, go for homes where the windows and balconies face the north or north-east from where the positive energies of the morning sun emerge. Opt for homes that don’t have a south or south-west facing windows as they bring in harmful rays and illness.

Circulation within the apartment: According to Vaastu, the centre of the apartment, the living room, should be well-lit and bright to make it look spacious and all doors should be accessible from here.

Kitchen: According to Vaastu, the kitchen should be in the south-east corner of the home.

Bathroom: Toilets should always be built in the south or south-west direction of the home; as India experiences north-east to south-west winds all year round, placing it anywhere else would result in contaminating the air of the rest of the house.

Children’s room: The kid’s room should be in north-east or north-west so that no harmful rays from the south touch on this room.

Water tank: The water storage tank on a multi-storied building should be placed in the north-east corner where the early morning light rich in ultraviolet rays can purify it. Go for dark-coloured tanks that will absorb sunlight.

With pollution of air and water gaining prominence, application of Vaastu to living spaces becomes imperative for peaceful and healthy living.