Top Reasons that Make Ambalamukku a Hot Residential Destination

Top Reasons that Make Ambalamukku a Hot Residential Destination
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For those planning on settling down in Kerala, Trivandrum is the best city to go with. Aside from being the capital city and having better infrastructure and facilities, Trivandrum is also, unlike other cities, not overcrowded. It is still growing both vertically and horizontally, pulling in more suburban areas into its fold, year-on-year.

Home to a cultural heritage that goes back to at least the 10th century, Trivandrum was ruled by the maharajas of ancient kingdoms till independence and the formal formation of the state of Kerala. The kings were very forward-thinking and interested in developing education and the arts in the city. Hence you will find that Trivandrum is home to a host of prestigious colleges and performing and creative art centres too.

Trivandrum also has a bounty of natural tourism spots to keep its residents entertained. There are numerous scenic beaches, placid lakes, lots of greenery and even some close by hill stations including Ponmudi and Agasthyamalai. All this ensures that Trivandrum is on the world map for tourism too.

Having said that, Trivandrum is also home to some of the best super-specialty hospitals as well as a thriving IT hub, the Technopark; this is touted to soon become the largest in the country. All this and more, is increasingly pulling in a younger generation of techies with disposable incomes who want to settle down in this city. Accordingly, the real estate sector is booming with a plethora of apartment and villa projects coming up all over the city.

One of the best places to invest in a home in Trivandrum is Ambalamukku. It holds the unique distinction of being a business hub as well as a residential area. It is located right in the centre of the city and within the posh neighbourhood of Kowdiar. It’s linked to the rest of the city with wide roads and affords a good connectivity network. Important infrastructure including schools, hospitals, shopping centres, restaurants, malls and Technopark are all easily accessible from Ambalamukku too.

This is a much-sought-after residential area with a number of prestigious apartment projects available here. With everything being just a few minutes’ drive away, Ambalamukku is an excellent investment destination!