Tips to Reduce Wastage of Water at Home

Tips to Reduce Wastage of Water at Home
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With global changes in climate and extreme weather conditions hitting most parts of the world, drought is an increasing threat looming over the horizon. Natural water resources are also becoming increasingly polluted, thereby restricting potable water fit for human consumption. This makes water conservation more important than ever – even if you aren’t living in a drought-prone area.

Not wasting water also means that you get to cut down on your utility bills and contribute towards saving precious natural resources. It’s easy to reduce wastage of water at home and here are a few practical tips to help you get started on doing your small bit on conserving this precious resource.

Turn off the tap

While brushing teeth or washing your hands, turn off the tap while lathering your teeth or hands. Turn on the tap only when it’s time to rinse. This could save you hundreds of gallons of water in a year.

Flush with less

Change over to modern water closets that have smaller, more efficient flush tanks. Since the toilet is flushed numerous times a day, it makes sense to go with closets that have smaller water tanks that work equally well.


Keep your showers short as old shower heads release gallons of water per bath. Keep the shower off while lathering, turning on only when it’s time to rinse. You could also try cutting down from multiple showers a day.

Rainwater harvesting

This is a great way of recharging groundwater and ensuring there is no wastage as surface water. It can be used for watering your garden as well as washing the car.

Car wash

Alternatively, you could head to the carwash instead of washing your car at home, as they use recycled water.


Don’t run your washing machine or dishwasher unless it’s full to prevent water wastage.

Efficient fixtures

Go with aerated faucets, efficient shower heads, low-flow closets, and Sense-rated washing machines and they will all end up saving you lots of water daily.


Don’t be lazy about fixing those leaks. Leaky faucets can cost you big on water wastage.


When it comes to watering your plants, its best done early mornings or late evenings to prevent loss as evaporation.


Bath your pets outdoors, so that the bathwater can be used for watering your yard and isn’t wasted.

Less electricity

Finally, use less electricity as it’s generated from power plants that hog up thousands of gallons of water daily. By using less power, you are indirectly saving on water too!