Tips for Buying a Home Online During the Lockdown

Tips for Buying a Home Online During the Lockdown
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In keeping with the new regulations associated with social distancing in this COVID era, real estate developers are increasingly employing digital tools to sell residential spaces. This has reportedly simplified the process of home buying which has also been witnessing interesting changes as big brands have gone digital in their approach towards advertising and selling homes. The arduous and time-consuming process of home buying, including numerous site visits, has now been reduced to just a few clicks of the mouse. Here are some useful tips for those buying a home online:

Apartment or villa?

You will first need to decide whether you want a villa or an apartment and then finalise on the BHK. You can easily find 1BHK to 3BHK in most residential projects. You will also have to keep an affordable budget in mind. Depending on your situation, you will have to finalise the type of project to invest in – a ready-to-move-in, an under-construction or a new project.

Branded builders

When making investments through online portals, its always better to go with credible developers who have an established reputation for quality and timely deliveries. Go through their various projects and select the one that suits your needs.


You can use Google maps to zoom in to the location of the home you are considering. This way, you will also get to know about all the facilities, infrastructure and developments around the project – without the hassles of making a physical visit!

Virtual tour

Since physical site visits aren’t always possible during this pandemic, developers have incorporated digital technology so you can visualise e-brochures and have virtual tours with 3D displays from virtually every angle to have a real-life visit experience of the site.


You should also have a call or video conference with the sales team for clarifications on any questions arising. Usually there are 5 to 6 site visits before a sale, but when going the digital way, you might not even need a site visit.


With slow-down in sales and build-up of inventory, builders are offering cash-backs, discounts and attractive deals to woo buyers into finalising deals, making this the best time to buy homes online!